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Stickman Screamer 2 is the sequel to Stickman Screamer made by Log Bog (Shadow Fuckface). It starts with a message that in 2001, a group of low-budget filmmakers created a short animated film and that something in the footage had baffled experts around the entire world.

The video then cuts to a stick figure waving its hand while being zoomed in. Some text then appears saying: "Did you see it?". The sequence is repeated, and when the video reaches 43 seconds, it is suddenly blocked by a stretched zombie face of a baby with its mouth open along with a loud scream, that appears very briefly. In the end, another line of text appears saying: "Did you see it this time?". The zombie baby face can also be seen on Encyclopedia Dramatica's Offended page.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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