Murder Investigation

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Murder Investigation was a screamer flash game. It's a mystery game in which the player has to find clues regarding a murder case of a family. Once the player has all the clues, the player must find the killer - if the player hasn't found the killer, the killer will kill the player, at this point a lot of scary images appear with screeching sounds playing.

These pictures are of a puppets face, a negative picture of the puppets face, an eye, and a stretched out mouth screaming. These are also the images that will be displayed if the player wins the game. When the player click "Finish" at the beginning, the main page of the site loads. However, the screamer no longer works (not even in the archive).

There is also a walkthrough that exists to the game.

The game will only work if you have Flash or Ruffle installed on your computer.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer.




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