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The following article may contain spoilers.

Maker: MY5TCrimson
Type: Windows .exe file
Release date: July 25, 2012

Sonic.exe is a creepypasta game created by the game developer MY5TCrimson. The game opens with the opening screen from the original Sonic the Hedgehog but after a short time, the screen temporarily becomes a "evil version" of the original. Players then come to another screen where they have to press Enter.

Act One[edit]

The player now plays as Tails the Fox. The player walks through a happy world until coming across a trail of doom and destruction. If players continue to follow the path, they reach Sonic who wants to play a game with the player. a game of life or death. The player can try to run away, but it will not work.

Act Two[edit]

The player now plays as Knuckles the Echidna. The player ends up in a strange world without trees, grass or animals. After a while, the player's screen begins to flicker with blood everywhere. After a while, the player will reach Sonic, who will lock the player into some sort of invisible cage.

Act ?[edit]

The player now plays as is Dr. Eggman. The player is in a castle-like building which gets darker with every floor until the player fades away in the darkness. The game ends with a picture of Sonic with "I AM GOD" written below. Then, a screen with flames on it appears with the song Crytopia.

The version in Sonic.exe Spirits of Hell[edit]

Created in 2018, now in a more extensive version, now also with the option to make Tails, Knuckes and Dr. Eggman survive at the end of the game, taking many more stages and more killing scenes, with several alternate endings . But it has also changed where the scenes of scares occur in certain phases.

Spoilers Alert![edit]

NOTE: The following description may contain spoilers.

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  1. In the first solo stage of Tails, you will get a coconut tree with evil Sonic hanging upside down, if you jump on top, cut to the scene of evil Sonic jumping on the screen with a loud scream.
    1. At the same stage, if the Tails see the dead animals and return to their plane without getting the Green Ring, the Tails will begin to walk slow and out of nowhere, Evil Sonic will go behind Tails, where in case he picks up, evil Sonic jump to the screen with a loud scream next.
    2. In the next stage of Tails, in that part where Tails has to run to not get caught by Evil Sonic while playing the song of "breathlessness" in the aquatic stages of Sonic, where Tails seems to run automatically, but when the music ends, you have the option of jumping on a terrain separated by an abyss not to be caught by Evil Sonic. But if you do not jump in time, you fall into the abyss, where when you reach the bottom of the abyss, Evil Sonic will appear to kill you in the end. And you also have the option to stop running when that song is finished, but if you do, Evil Sonic knocks you down and then appears and kills you, where suddenly the screen turns dark with a scream out loud from Tails, but at least Evil Sonic does not jump off the screen here.
  2. In the second solo stage of Dr. Eggman, if you can not get within 30 seconds until the end of the scene, Evil Sonic will then wait until you reach the end point, where he will then jump on the screen with a loud scream.
  3. In the stage where only Tails and Dr. Eggman survived, it starts with Dr. Eggman's laboratory filled with fog, with the option of opening the windows to get out the fog or not to risk. If you open the windows, after all the fog is gone, you will see the Evil Sonic that will go to Dr. Eggman, jumping to the screen with a loud scream at the end, before going to kill the Tails afterwards.
  4. There are also secret black ring on which you have to pick up. It initially is completely useless, but in case you only have one survivor, after completing the "Hidden Palace" phase and find out why Sonic became a demon and started killing everyone in, the next stage where goes your last survivor character, he will be attacked by Evil Sonic and in case you have not got the black ring, it will kill the last survivor. From there will appear the screen of all shown as undead, before the Sonic Evil drop to screen with a loud scream and end with the "worst end" of the game.


NOTE: The following games contain screamers!

  • • Original version
  • It's version in Sonic.exe Spirits of hell
  • • Crytopia



3 months ago
Score 1++
this was released on my Birthday, what a suprise

Gordon Ramsay03 Criticism

2 months ago
Score 0++
what day was this released? March 7? May 9?

Gordon Ramsay03 Criticism

21 days ago
Score 0++

I found it!

The answer is August 2012

Sarah davis

2 months ago
Score 1++
PewDiePie actually played this
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