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Jumyou Ga Chijimaru

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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Jumyou Ga Chijimaru (Japanese: 寿命が知事丸,[1] "Life Shortens" or "Life is Shortened") is a homebrew SNES video game developed by Kowloon Kurosawa, who also created the infamous Hong Kong 97 in mid-1996.[2] The "game" consists of a slideshow of shock images with no other gameplay features.

Upon starting the game, the player must press the A button to proceed to the title screen, which contains shock images featured in the slideshow, along with the text:



プロデュース by


Life Shortens

Computer Graphics Collection

Produced by

Mr. Chin

On the title screen, the user must press the A button to start the slideshow. To advance to the next image in the slideshow, the player must press the A button. After the last image of the slideshow, the game brings the player to the credits. Pressing the A button on the credits brings the player back to the title screen.

Slideshow Contents

  • A decapitated corpse
  • A disembodied head with one large eye
  • A Siamese twin baby in a jar
  • A man vomiting
  • A mirrored image of a breech birth
  • Emaciated people during the Great Famine of 1876-1878
  • A malformed baby with two heads
  • A severed head from the cover of Brujeria's album Matando Gueros
  • The severed heads of Auguste and Abel Pollet
  • A crime scene photo of a dead man slumped over on a couch with a gunshot wound in his head
  • A quadriplegic toddler
  • A baby with macrocephaly

Feature in POSITIVE zine

Jumyou Ga Chijimaru was featured in the Japanese zine called POSITIVE.[3] The description is as follows:


Momogerāzu Design, led by Mr. Chin who produced Hong Kong 97, has produced another shocking software. It features a collection of corpse imagery, and this could be problematic. They argue it's beginner-friendly because it's in monochrome. It's a love-it-or-hate-it kind of software.


  1. 知事丸 is an ateji spelling of the verb 縮まる, meaning "to shorten" or "to shrink".
  2. twitter.com/forestillusion/status/1324945237807046656
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NOTE: The following link contains extremely graphic content!

  • emulatorgames.net/roms/super-nintendo/jumyou-ga-chijimaru-pd
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