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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Jumyou Ga Chijimaru (Japanese: 寿命が知事丸,[1] "Life Shortens" or "Life is Shortened") is a homebrew SNES video game developed by Kowloon Kurosawa, who also created the infamous Hong Kong 97 in mid-1996.[2] The "game" consists of a slideshow of shock images with no other gameplay features.

Upon starting the game, the player must press the A button to proceed to the title screen, which contains shock images featured in the slideshow, along with the text:



プロデュース by


Life Shortens

Computer Graphics Collection

Produced by

Mr. Chin

On the title screen, the user must press the A button to start the slideshow. To advance to the next image in the slideshow, the player must press the A button. After the last image of the slideshow, the game brings the player to the credits. Pressing the A button on the credits brings the player back to the title screen.

Slideshow Contents

  • A decapitated corpse
  • A disembodied head with one large eye
  • A Siamese twin baby in a jar
  • A man vomiting
  • A mirrored image of a breech birth
  • Emaciated people during the Great Famine of 1876-1878
  • A malformed baby with two heads
  • A severed head from the cover of Brujeria's album Matando Gueros
  • The severed heads of Auguste and Abel Pollet
  • A crime scene photo of a dead man slumped over on a couch with a gunshot wound in his head
  • A quadriplegic toddler
  • A baby with macrocephaly

Feature in POSITIVE zine

Jumyou Ga Chijimaru was featured in the Japanese zine called POSITIVE.[3] The description is as follows:


Momogerāzu Design, led by Mr. Chin who produced Hong Kong 97, has come up with another shocking software. The content is a collection of body images, but this is crossing the line. They claim it's okay for beginners because it's in monochrome. This software is something that will strongly divide opinions.


  1. 知事丸 is an ateji spelling of the verb 縮まる, meaning "to shorten" or "to shrink".
  2. twitter.com/forestillusion/status/1324945237807046656
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NOTE: The following link contains extremely graphic content!

  • emulatorgames.net/roms/super-nintendo/jumyou-ga-chijimaru-pd
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