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The Michael Hanley Horse Video, also known as Mr. Hands 2, the Twitter Horse Video, or simply the Horse Video, is a viral shock video that circulated in early November 2023 depicting a man being sodomized by a horse.


The video is 30 seconds long. It depicts a man whose face is blurred wearing an orange shirt petting a small white horse, kissing and feeding it. Then, he pulls down his pants, turning with his behind towards the horse, to which it quickly mounts him and penetrates him from behind.

The video contains the captions "MICHAEL HANLEY LEFT HIS PHONE IN THE PUB LOOK WHAT HE WAS DOING 🐴" and "Always keep a password on your phone" The video was first discovered on Twitter and went viral on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Users on Twitter who viewed the video made posts expressing how they were disturbed after viewing the video.


It has been popularly speculated that "Michael Hanley" refers to Michael Hanley of Comfort Carriages in Dublin. There are, however, difficulties in corroborating this, as it can be seen that Michael Hanley has a tattoo covering his right arm. In contrast, the individual in the video has no arm tattoos. As such, it has been theorized that Michael Hanley's name was added to defame him by associating his name with bestiality.

Similar Videos

The Horse Video is not the only viral shock video circulating on Twitter, another shock video called "The Frog Video" went viral on Twitter, it depicts a frog coming out of the woman and she was trying to remove a frog from her body with a Man's help. It has become popular with a hash tag "#frogvideo".






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