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This article contains spoilers!
Please be advised that the following article contains spoilers for the screamer mentioned in the title or description. If you have not yet experienced the material and wish to avoid spoilers, we recommend that you proceed with caution or refrain from reading until you have done so.

Wake Up Jeff DVD Game is a YouTube video created and uploaded to YouTube by Xploshi on June 3, 2023, with the screamer version being uploaded 2 days after its release. The video was created in response to YouTube's decision on classifying the original video as suitable for children, thus placing it on YouTube Kids.


On June 5, 2023, Xploshi uploaded a version of the video titled "Wake Up Jeff DVD Game (SCARY EDITION)." The footage included added text, "OR ELSE," and "OR SOMETHING VERY BAD MIGHT HAPPEN…" which appeared on the screen after Jeff greeted the viewer with "Here we go!". Suddenly, the face from What's Wrong? would appear on the screen along with a male scream. After the screamer, the video would cut to a distorted head of Jeff Fatt with its eyes blacked out and mouth stretched. The text would read "ALERT (78) Wiggles have been dispatched to your last known location."

Subsequently, the video cuts back to Jeff in his car, seemingly falling asleep with his eyes closed. A face with blacked-out eyes and mouth would then appear, accompanied by the same scream from the previous screamer. After this, another screamer would emerge, featuring Anthony in the bottom right-hand corner with a face similar to Tinky Winky from Slendytubbies, and the same scream from the previous screamers. Following this screamer, Anthony's face would fade away, and he would say "Jeff has fallen asleep again! Could you help make the voices stop? Please make the voices stop. I can’t handle the voices."

Another screamer would follow, with many moving eyes on a black background and the same scream from the previous ones. After the screamer, the text below would read "Wake up Jeff!" and Jeff would start to drive to the left. The same "magenta face" would appear again, but the text would change to read "You should be able to hear them approaching." In the background, knocking sounds can be heard. Another screamer would suddenly appear, featuring the same face from Dane Boe's Scarier Faces video.

The video would then cut back to Jeff driving to the left. Later, it would show Jeff driving off a cliff while sleeping, and the car would explode as it fell off the cliff. Following this, it would cut to an image of Ji-Hyun (the character portrayed by the South Korean actress Park Ji-hyun) from the found footage supernatural horror film Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, along with text that reads "Was it worth it?" After this, a crash handler screen would appear. The text would read "WIGGLY FUN DVD CRASH HANDLER. Please ask a grown-up to help you through the following screens. The (78) Wiggles have all fallen prey to environmental hazards. (933) airborne Wiggles have been dispatched instead. You can track them using this live map. Happy Wiggling!"

On the third frame, a live map of a location, likely in the UK, would be shown with a red circle labeled "YOU." Suddenly, a black void with red text above it saying “SWARM OF WIGGLES” would appear and get closer to the circle, with the background ambiance noise getting louder and louder. The video featured four screamers in total.



NOTE: The following video contain screamers!

  • Original version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LayKGG0rwMk
  • Screamer version: youtube.com/watch?v=itrBaG2bM1o
  • twitter.com/Xploshi/status/1665910446359040000
  • Permalink: web.archive.org/web/20240428224009/litter.catbox.moe/1mvuqv.mp4

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