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A screenshot of the homepage as of April 4, 2023 before rebranding to X.

X, formerly Twitter, is a social network site that was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams on March 21, 2006. Later on through the years, Twitter Inc. have made multiple other services like Vine and Periscope, However all of these services are now defunct. On October 27, 2022, the Founder, CEO, and chief engineer of SpaceX and CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc. Elon Musk bought Twitter for over 44 billion U.S dollars.


As years went on on Twitter, it has been home to some screamers and shock sites. Such an example is You had one job, the earliest known screamer on Twitter. The video features a man feeding some snakes at a shelter. The snake keeps getting too difficult to control and keeps refusing the mouse it's being offered to. The snake then falls on the floor and the man puts it back in its confinement, along with the mouse. However, when the man opens another shelf to check on the next snake, a transparent stock photo of a snake's head zooms in along with a loud hiss.

McChicken has got to be the earliest known Shock video on Twitter. The hashtag would feature a video of a man masturbating himself with a McChicken sandwich from Mcdonald's. The hashtag got so popular on Twitter, that some celebrities like Seth Rogen said about the video, "I really hope that Sausage Party in no way inspired this #McChicken thing."

Fake Fancams was an incident that was going around on Twitter in early 2019, where it was made by users pretending to upload a fan cam video of K-Pop or something else, but would suddenly cut to a screamer or graphic content like murder, torture, suicide, self-harm and etc. This ended up with a hashtag called #stopusingfancamsasbait to spread awareness about the fancams.

Cat in a Blender is a zoosadist shock video made in May 2023. The video featured a kitten in a blender meowing at the camera. Suddenly, the person turns on the blender, and the kitten gets blended with its organs coming out of its body and the blender filling up with blood, with the cameraman giggling. Then the kitten is pulled out of the blender in pain and then put in the microwave. On Twitter, the video was so widely spread, that the man who made the video ended up getting doxxed and harassed by many Twitter users.

In July 2023, the site was rebranded to X by Elon Musk.

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