The drawing part2

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the drawing part2 is an animation video uploaded to Twitter/X by animator @YuskyCat on August 22th, 2023.

The animation revisits its initial part, where Yusky's OC contemplates on its choice of drawing subject. The character pulls a pencil out of its eye, mirroring Lao's action of removing their eyeball. After a while, The OC starts drawing with the pencil. The animation then shifts upwards, introducing text reading 'TRE DIA DEPUÉ…', followed by the translation 'Three days later' positioned at the screen's bottom.

Subsequently, Yusky's OC reappears, sporting a smug smile and revealing the completed drawing. For a quick moment, the paper reveals a line of text reading 'PUTO EL Q LEE,' which translates to 'FUCK THE ONE WHO READS.' The scene quickly changes to a flashing picture of the same face from the original What's Wrong With This Picture? screamer. Importantly, this screamer does not play an accompanying scream.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer with flashing lights!



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