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Luigi Personality Quiz is an analog-style horror video by Xploshi, premiering on October 31, 2021. The screamer is about a lost shareware game the creator found on her computer.


The video starts with the Indigo Interactive logo (a parody of the Gemini Home Entertainment intro from the analog horror series with the same name). It proceeds to the game's title screen, which shows Luigi from Super Mario Bros. and the title from said video. A warning screen appears detailing possible side effects from continuing, such as "organ failure, muscle spasms, and violent hallucinations". The player decides to continue anyway and selects "BEGIN".

A series of multiple-choice questions are displayed, each featuring Luigi with a segmented timer in the corners:

First question

The first question asks the player their favorite color with the options "Green", "Red", and "Blue". The player answers "Green".

Second question

The second question asks who is the superior brother: Mario, Luigi, or Other. The player answers Luigi.

Third question

The third question asks them if they're aware of the stranger breathing on their neck. At this point, the music stops while Luigi and the timer disappear. The player answers "TRUE".

Fourth question

The fourth question asks them which vital organ they are most willing to donate, showing a picture of a brain, lungs, and heart. Luigi and the timer reappear and the music resumes. The player selects the brain.

Fifth question

The fifth question shows both Mario and Bowser and asks who is loudest. A voice clip plays for each one, before the background changes to a darkened image of Luigi's face, with a loud gibberish vocal. It changes back, and the player selects the image of Luigi.

Sixth question

The sixth question shows a fanart of Luigi in a tuxedo (made by MariobrosYaoiFan12 on deviantART)[1] and asks them to pick a girlfriend for him. Three princesses appear, Rosalina, Daisy, and Peach. The player picks Daisy, but instead of proceeding to the next question, the background turns black for a few seconds, and the princesses' faces become stretched and nightmarish (which appear to resemble Alternates from the YouTube analog horror series The Mandela Catalogue).

Seventh question

The seventh question asks them how they would react to someone disagreeing with their opinion, with "sincerity", "quiet indifference", or "violence". The player hesitates for a moment, but answers "with sincerity".

Eighth/Final question

The eighth question says "Mash [SPACE] to run". An endless hallway appears on top of a low-quality video with a Magikoopa chasing the player. A door shuts in front of the Magikoopa, and a distorted Luigi head with an open jaw enters, slowly approaching the screen. The video cuts to two eyes with a loud screech when it catches up.


The quiz completes by measuring the player's heart rate (who is probably dead after the final question). It produces a diagnosis, referring to the player as "it" and states it "thinks it is better than other people", convinces "itself of its own innocence", yet "knows it is not innocent".

The game ends with the question "Are you happy living like this?".




NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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