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Peperami - Running is a British TV advertisement made and aired in 1993 to advertise the snack Peperami.

The ad begins with what looks to be inside an asylum cell. Suddenly, out of nowhere, The Animal (Peperami’s mascot) comes up to the screen and screams. The scene then cuts to another part of the room where The Animal is waving his arms around while screaming. Then, The Animal runs up to the camera again, while laughing maniacally. Right before he can make it to the camera, Peperami's packaging comes down and seals him up. And at the end of the ad, The Animal is moving around in the packaging, with the words on a white background, and a voice that says: ‘Peperami, it’s a bit of an animal’. The commercial had lots of attention on X as of recent years. [citation needed]


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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