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Roblox Stream Suggestions is a screamer website created with Neocities on August 14, 2022 by LuaGunsX.

The website itself pretends to be a website claiming to be "suggestions" for a Roblox stream. There are also two links, the two being "The suggestions can be found here" and "Download roblox hacks which bypassed Byfron here". Clicking on both of the links will redirect the user to Upon entering, the viewer is presented with a cookie banner. No matter what the viewer chooses, the website transitions the browser into full-screen mode, showing a flashing image of Jeff the Killer (as seen in Anne.jpg), and accompanied by an extremely loud, metal-like screech. Trying to leave would cause a warning in order to prevent the viewer from escaping. However, this screamer is not functional anymore due to the domain closing.

There is a third link to a Ghetto Smosh video titled 'STONED GUINEA PIG!!'[1]. Due to Ghetto Smosh being copyright striked, the link was replaced with Charlie the Guinea Pig's theme published on SoundCloud by Ghetto Smosh[2]. The screamer was primarily made to stream snipe and troll Roblox live-streamers.

A sequel to Roblox Stream Suggestions has been made by the same creator LuaGunsX named "Phoenix Serverside", instead of leading the user to it leads to the Anne.jpg screamer.


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