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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

1 Guy 5 Shotguns is a hoax and urban legend revolving around an alleged shock video which was uploaded around 2012. The myth gained popularity when a video titled NSFL Iceberg | Gore & Lost Media was uploaded to YouTube on March 27, 2021, which mentioned the alleged video at the 49:21 mark. The video was uploaded by a YouTuber named Plagued Moth, who later made a follow-up giving more details about this "1 Guy 5 Shotguns" "video".

Alleged content

Here is the full context of the video, according to the myth:

The video was uploaded to BestGore sometime around 2012 under the title "Retarded nigga gets turned into ground beef by shotguns". The video depicts five white men on a field, each holding a shotgun, and one black man who is tied to a tree. The men begin firing at the man tied to the tree, while laughing and yelling. Eventually, the body of the man tied to the tree gets reduced to a bloody pulp, and the killers cheer and end the video.

The hoax

The supposed context of the video would have many readers believing it's real, considering it's more believable than 99 percent of all creepypastas, and even the YouTuber Plagued Moth admitted he first believed in the existence of the video. So perhaps this video does actually exist. What's the chance of it being a hoax, it already happened with a hammer?

Although multiple people have been unsubstantially blamed for the rumor, the earliest person to mention the video is known only as "The Frying Pan Man", who informed Plagued Moth of the video as he was accepting suggestions for his iceberg in his Discord server. The Frying Pan Man alleges that he stumbled across the video on BestGore when he was only 11 years old. As of recently, he denies the video being a hoax, and instead attributes it to a false memory of a supposed similar video with a racially insensitive name.[1]

Though 1 Guy 5 Shotguns likely never existed, some people claim they have watched a video of similar context on BestGore. This is likely false memory however, as BestGore was frequented by users and admins all the time, and the fact that no such video has come to light shows that 1 Guy 5 Shotguns probably never even existed.

The 2005 shockumentary Terrorists, Killers and Middle-East Wackos features a clip that is similar in nature, in which a man is blindfolded, tossed into a pit, and executed by a firing squad of terrorists. The brutality of the shooting and the outdoor setting likely caused many people who saw the clip to misremember it as the supposed 1 Guy 5 Shotguns video.



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