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Magrolo Mouse is a screamer video made by gorixgorix. The video is a obvious take-on of the Suicidemouse.avi Creepypasta. The video was uploaded to YouTube on December 14th, 2015.

The video starts with Magrolo walking down the street with a dull expression on his face, with faint piano music playing in the background. This lasts until 1:09 of the video where the audio becomes static. Then, at 1:50, the static goes away, and now it’s just Magrolo walking down the street. At the 3:00 mark, The video completely cuts to black, That’s until the 4:00 minute mark where the video comes back, and is now playing the same piano music again, but this time, it sounds faster a bit. At the 4:56 minute mark, Magrolo smirks, and the buildings and streets are now becoming broken and demolished, The music is starting to sound more scary now. At the 5:32 minute mark, Magrolo’s face turns into a smile, and he tilts his head up. A low moaning and faint screaming can be heard in the background at 5:49, and the street looks more demolished. At the 7:20 minute mark, Magrolo changes into a terrifying rat creature, one of his arms comes out from behind his body, his eyes have no pupils and veins in them, has gained more fur, and has now has two front sharp teeth. The screaming can be heard more now, and the screen starts to sway back and forth. At the 7:43 mark, Magrolo starts running, the screen tilts back and forth more faster and the music gets more ghastly. At the 8:18 mark, Magrolo collapses to the floor, most likely meaning he committed suicide because he throws a syringe before he collapses to the ground. At 8:25, a demon flashes across the screen, with its mouth open with flashing lights, letting out a loud screeching noise. After the screamer, Magrolo’s body is now gone. And finally, at the 8:36 mark, Magrolo’s face pops up on the screen with music in the background, with Russian below his head that reads "Реальность такова, хуже, чем фантасия" ("Reality is worse than fantasy").


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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