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Spike Game is a screamer game made by CreepyPastaSalad in June 16, 2014 based on the My Little Pony TV show.

It starts off with the player controlling Spike on a grassy field with floating platforms, while a 8-bit version of the My Little Pony theme song plays in the background. The goal of it is to reach Pinkie Pie, however, reaching to her will have the same screamer image used in Smile.exe, followed by a really loud scream.

After the first screamer, you're being brought up with a background made with metal with dark yellow platforms, while reversed Lavender Town music plays with text boxes that say “Escape now”. There's no way for the player to progress, and after a few seconds, a zalgo Fluttershy pops up with a loud, roaring sound, ending it off with the final text box saying “There is no escape”. After that, the game closes itself.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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