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Easter Egg - Snow On Mt. Silver

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Easter Egg - Snow On Mt. Silver was a creepypasta game that was created by ProfessorCreepyPasta, Mibevan, and DarksoulzFZ, and published on Game Jolt on August 19th, 2015. The game was developed using RPG Maker VX and closely follows the creepypasta story of the same name. It has an unofficial version with slight changes made for accuracy.


The player can access the HUD to view their Pokémon, all of which have 6 health.

Upon launching the application, the player is greeted with the opening cinematic from Pokémon Silver Version. Afterwards, they are brought to the main menu, where they can select from "Continue," "New Game," or "Options." Selecting "Options" prompts a message about the options being inaccessible, while "New Game" prompts a message that reads "It's too late to start over". This leaves "Continue" as the only viable choice. The save file places the player in a frozen area, but the screen suddenly switches to static. However, the player can still access the menu and view their Pokémon.

The player's party consists of six Pokémon: Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Meganium, Pidgeot, Tyranitar, and Lugia, each with 6 remaining HP. As the player progresses, all Pokémon succumb to frostbite except for Typhlosion. Once Typhlosion is the remaining Pokémon in the player's party, the static ends and the player is warped to another room in the starting frozen area, which contains a Poké Ball. Upon interacting with the Poke Ball, the screen freezes, a static sound effect plays, and the screen transitions to a surreal encounter with the legendary Pokémon Celebi. The player is rendered inactive as Celebi uses Perish Song,[1] the screen turns to static, and then fades to black.

After the Celebi encounter, players spawn in a cave area and must navigate through a path. Text boxes that read "It's so cold...", "Mother, it feels so cold...", and "I can never turn back.", appear as the player navigates through the cave path. The area darkens, fades to black, and transitions to a completely white area where the player engages in a battle with Red.[2] Typhlosion gradually loses health while facing Red's Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Snorlax, and Espeon, who all use Struggle[3] and then immediately die from frostbite. Finally, Red sends out his frostbitten Pikachu, which uses Pain Split,[4] resulting in the demise of both Pokémon. The battle screen shifts to Red, depicted with severed arms and a bloodied body, accompanied by the text "It's over..." before cutting to black. A message appears with the text "used Destiny Bond,"[5] followed by a flashing image of a frostbitten Pikachu with a smile and a missing left ear. After the screamer ends, the application replays the opening cinematic. Accessing the main menu triggers a similar screamer, succeeded by a message box reading "You can never escape..." and a credits sequence.


  1. A move that causes both the user and the opponent to faint in three turns.
  2. The player character from the Generation I games (Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow). He makes a cameo in the Generation II games (Gold, Silver, Crystal), where he can be challenged to a battle by the player on Mt. Silver.
  3. A move that a Pokémon resorts to when none of its moves are usable.
  4. A move where the user adds its HP to the target's HP, then equally splits the combined HP between them. Pain Split is not a move that Pikachu can learn legally in the Generation II games.
  5. After using this move, if the user faints, the Pokémon that knocked it out will also faint. Destiny Bond is not a move that Pikachu can learn legally in the Generation II games.


NOTE: The following game contains screamers with flashing lights!

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