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Afriad was a screamer game created by NexyusProductions (@NexyusNex) and published to Gamejolt on July 14, 2014, this game personally belongs to a YouTuber known as Luigikid, he actually made a gameplay video of it in 2 days after its game release.

The player guides Luigi as the protagonist in the game. The controls include arrow keys to move left or right, and a "enter" key to jump. The goal is to make it to the end of the game to encounter Mario. After a while, the world abruptly changes to a negative version with the exception of the terrain, "What was that?" Luigi said and still had to progress, which isn't far from its end, After a while, the text "I can see someone" appears, ostensibly leading the player to walk again, However, A picture of Mario with no eyes and red pupils, grinning appears. with the text "DONT BE AFRAID" displayed at the bottom, accompanied by an extremely loud scream.

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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!


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Anonymous #1

4 months ago
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i strangely remember playing this

Anonymous #1

2 months ago
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We need a gameplay video of this
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