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This page is about a screamer of which the original copy was deleted.

Momo Chatline is a screamer game made by RecordGuy626, it is based on a creepypasta known as Momo.

When the Application is launched, the application displays a chat layout similar to Hangouts.exe, the player needs someone to chat with, they need to find someone by typing in the search bar, After pressing the "Enter" button, At which point the game will show no result, the only person to contact with is Momo, After a short period of time communicating with Momo, this leads the screen to display a stretched picture of Momo, along with an loud scream, the application immediately closes afterward, and again, the player has to go back and contact with Momo, the player will get the same responses from Momo over and over.

When closing the application again, the same picture of Momo (but not widely stretched appears, accompanied by extremely loud audio of a person screaming: "MOMO! MOMO! MOMO! MOMO!", the screen suddenly changes to a black background with 4 message boxes appearing: "You left the chatroom", "It was fun while it lasted", "And now that you left. I'll see you again very soon", but suddenly, the screen shakes, followed by a picture of Momo and a GIF of a Deepfake Momo.

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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!


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