A Little A-Maze-ing Game

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A Little A-Maze-ing Game is a screamer flash game made by SuperMarioJustin4 on DeviantArt in 2016.

The maze is very sparse, so the player has several paths to enter. There is a very difficult part towards the end. When they approach it, a face of a scary looking woman approaches and zooms in along with a loud scream. then leads to a text message asking the player to change thwir pants. The "Play Again" button will then appear.

Showcase Video


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • deviantart.com/supermariojustin4/art/A-Little-A-Maze-ing-Game-608450616
  • Showcase Video: files.screamer.wiki/SWV_Archive/5e2c3800-da49-47bf-b70e-dd40cc117366-416.mp4



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