An Ordinary Battle Amongst Familiar Hills

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"Do ́yo̸u̧ d̡a̡re t͠o cli̵c͟k ҉upón ͏the ͠im̶a̵ge͘ a͢nd d̡e̛l̨ìver̷ y̛ou͏r͜ pr͜a̸is̶e ͢unto Ḩim҉?" ~Hazard-the-Porgoyle

An Ordinary Battle Amongst Familiar Hills is a flash animation based on Sonic.exe creepypasta, it was published to DeviantArt by Hazard-The-Porgoyle on October 15, 2013, it pretends to be a still image, GuardianMobius was credited for creating Sonic's 3D Model, and Kyu Sawamura was credited for the use of the music contained within this animation.

Sonic fighting Eggman in the green hill zone is depicted in the animation. When clicked, it starts playing. After a few seconds, Static flashes multiple times after a few seconds, and continues to appear more as the static consumes the screen. After a while, A glove (presumably Sonic.exe) touches the screen and got absorbed.

With the static now over, the dark, red version of the world, with Sonic.exe and evil entity of Eggman, both stared at the viewer, while the text is displayed as follows: "HELLO" FOUND YOU" "YOU'RE IN MY WORLD NOW" "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE COME HERE" "YOU CAN'T RUN" "YOU'RE TO SLOW" "I SEE YOU" "SO MANY SOULS TO PLAY WITH" "SO LITTLE TIME" "WOULD YOU AGREE?" "WON'T BE LONG NOW".

Following the completion of the HILL song, the Drowning Theme begins to play slowly, and the entire screen begins to shake, with the exception of Sonic.exe and Eggman. The entire screen twisted, came to a halt, and the screen cracks, revealing a static screen in the background with the words "I AM GOD" written on it, followed by a music braking, a 3D animation of Sonic.exe would appear there, accompanied by a loud scream, the words: "Hey I'll Play Worth You Some Other Time" appears, and returns back to the still image.

Now the Flash Plugin is discontinued at February 2021, the animation is now just a still image.

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NOTE: the following animation contains a screamer!


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