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Jump to: navigation, search is a screamer website that was registered in 2009 by oganz32 or known as sunipeyk, he also has a YouTube channel for the website.[1]

When opened, at that moment where a blue text appear as: "The Maze". a picture of Regan MacNeil will appear along with the looping, loud scream from The Maze, since it is an animated file, the animation will repeat.


The website was registered in 2010 and hosted by Korean user, there is also a text stating that the domain is super rare and have to contact on his Gmail ([2]

in April 2009, the owner later changes the website into a screamer, in April 2010, the animation was later replaced by the Tic-Tac-Toe zombie, However, there are no archives of this state, but there is a proof on his YouTube account (at the reference section) have uploaded the video of the animated file, However, it was later reverted back to Regan MacNeil, As of 2010, the creator discontinued the website after being received multiple complaints.

the website was later brought by someone in 2012-04-05 (18:31:58 UTC) and replaces the website into a white background.

Popularity (Spikes)

According to Google Trends, the website have received a huge spike in December 2010.


  2. an archive of in January 2009

NOTE: The following website contains a screamer!



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