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a snapshot of before turning into a screamer
Maker: Unknown
Type: Website
Release date: January 2009 was a screamer website, registered in 2009, hosted by an Unknown user.

When the site is opened, the user will be greeted by an image of Regan MacNeil, accompanied by the same scream from The Maze, the page subsequently reloads, and loops over and over, much like the same content as the site, but this mirror doesn't contain the script, where it automatically shares the link into someone's Facebook account.

The majority of this site was very popular in 2010-2015, all of the content of the site was stolen from in June 2009, the site was registered in January 2009, 16 months away before became a screamer, As of 2015, this website is now closed due to multiple complaints being filed against the owner of


in January 2009, the site was first-hosted by Korean user, all of the content of the site is written in korean, which talks about the domain address is super rare, and common, upon scrolling down the page, the image of a spaceship from starcraft brood war, therefore, there is 2 links which automatically downloads a game into your computer.[1]

In April 2009, the website was purchased by someone, and replaced all of the content of the site with a screamer.




NOTE: The following website contains a screamer!



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