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On our Discord: Screamer Wiki Discord, is a server that talks about screamers and shock sites, if you are sent to this portal, please follow the rules listed below when you are on this server if you break one of those rules you will be kicked out for violating them.

Major Policies

  • Your profile picture must not include NSFW/NSFL.
  • Speak in English and be Mature.
  • You must be at least 13 (and at least 16 in the EU) to join the server (this is Discord policy, not ours). Those that are found to be under 13 will be banned and reported to Discord.
  • Do not insult, harass, or make fun of Staff Members in the server.
  • Do not evade any ban
  • Do not beg Bureaucrats to promote you, the Bureaucrats are Lawiki1534, Sump and AnimatorXP (the last 2 are inactive and never use Discord).
  • You may not use sockpuppet accounts to counter a ban or other punishment.
  • DDOSing, doxing, death threats or any other actions that could put someone in danger is not permitted here.
  • We follow a strict no-drama policy. Starting or contributing to drama will result in a permanent ban.


  • Your stuff must be posted in the appropriate channels before posting them.
  • Discuss shock sites on the #shock-site-chat channel
  • This server is for all ages despite the NSFW channels.
  • In NSFW channels, do not post sadistic gore nor Animal Cruelty (This follows Discord's community guidelines).


  • Do not ping Administrators on the server, unless if you want to discuss something important or need any help.
  • No pinging @everyone, unless it's important.