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Work in progress...

The Userboxes

This user is an Administrator on the Screamer Wiki.

This user is a Comment Moderator on the Screamer Wiki.

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This user is Australian

This user has made screamers before.

This user despises FANDOM.

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This user despises Vyond.

This user is mature.

Ghost.pngThis user has joined the Screamer Wiki 2 years, 7 months and 12 days ago. (03/4/2019)

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This user supports All Lives Matter.

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This user despises the #MeToo Movement

This user despises PETA

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This user despises Black Lives Matter.

Ghost.pngThis user has multiple accounts.

This user despises Template:Crappy

Logothingy.pngThis user makes Showcase Videos!

Flash-logo.pngThis user loves Flash Games!

Devil.pngThis user loves Horror Movies!

I'm back just because my account is lost because my password reset didn't receive me ._.

Pages i've made

More Stuff

All Accounts

  • All of my Accounts I created listed here, most of these accounts are no longer active.
    • ScreamerWiki123 • even though this was gone after the outage of the wiki, the best thing is to redirect these.
    • Screamer123 • account lost again, it's redirected again


  • Here's a list of my Userboxes I've made:
    • Template:PETADespise • Use this if you hate PETA, the worst organization you ever existed!
    • Template:BDSM • Use this if you like BDSM (abbreviation for bondage and discipline), DON'T FUCKING ADD THIS IF YOU ARE FUCKING 18+ OR OVER TO ADD THIS!!!!
    • Template:VyondDespise • Use this if you hate Vyond, the community is full of GoFags.
    • Template:ALM • Use this if you're supporting All Lives Matter.
    • Template:EDDespise • Use this if you hate Encyclopedia Dramatica, don't feed the fat fuck trolls, ignore them!
    • Template:MeTooDespise • Use this if you hate the MeToo movement.
    • Template:Admin • Use this if you're the admin of this wiki.
    • Template:BLMDespise • Use this if you hate Black Lives Matter|note=no. May as well stand for Burn, Loot, Murder.