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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

No Pressure is a global warming short film by Possible. (Formerly 10:10). The short film was written by Richard Curtis and Franny Armstrong, and directed by Dougal Wilson. The video description described the film as '“No Pressure” celebrates everybody who is actively tackling climate change… by blowing up those who aren’t.'[1]


First Scene

The film begins with a bright and chirpy schoolteacher telling her class about the 10:10 campaign, and asking what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprint. She asks which of the students are planning to participate; most raise their hands, and two children shrug apathetically. The teacher has reassured the students that this is fine, as there is "no pressure," however, the camera then shifts to the papers on the teacher's desk to reveal a red-button detonator, which she presses. The two children who did not want to participate explode, covering their screaming classmates with blood and body parts. then goes on casually to explain the night's homework to her horrific charges.

Second Scene

The second scene shows a group of white-collar workers in an office meeting. The office manager similarly explains the purpose of the 10:10 campaign and asks who will be participating. While most raised their hands, four employees were not convinced. The manager reassures them that there is "no pressure" to participate, however, the manager's assistant hands the manager a detonation button, which he uses to blow up the four workers, splattering the appalled co-workers with gore.

Third Scene

The scene is set on a football pitch during team training. The coach asks the players to explain the 10:10 campaign, the team is participating in. The players explain that the 10:10 movement is for people to cut their carbon emissions by 10%. The coach, however, believes that doing this is a distraction from playing football. Like the other scenes, the coach is told that there is "no pressure," until he is blown up by another coach. The other coach then gets the team back to practice.

Fourth Scene

The fourth scene begins with music by Radiohead playing. The text then appears reading "500,000 tonnes of CO2 Saved in First 6 Months," "May 2010 UK Government Commits to 10% Cut," "10:10 Cities (The list reads Oslo, Lisbon, Mexico City, Paris, Chiang Mai, Lyon, Brighton, Sibenik, Bordeaux, Zadar, Subiaco, Cannes, Pula, Lille, Bourges)," and "10:10 Campaigns Now in 40 Countries." A voiceover by Gillian Anderson also plays during the credits, "10:10. Hundreds of thousands of people, schools, businesses, hospitals, movie stars, knitting circles, scout troops, presidents, and governments all tackling climate change: More than 40 countries. Care to join us? No pressure."

Afterward, in the recording studio, Gillian Anderson is asked what she is doing to tackle climate change; Anderson rebuts the question stating that doing the voiceover is enough, so, because of this response, the sound engineer tells Anderson that there is no pressure and detonates her. The text " cut your global carbon by 10% no pressure" then pops up, ending the video.



The video had a positive reception from much of the media and people in support of curbing global warming. However, some supporters also believed that the video was too violent and that the shock tactic would not work properly.[2] Climate skeptics, however, had an extremely negative reaction to the video; these people showed their negativity towards the video by calling Richard Curtis an Eco-fascist. The video also had a large dislike-to-like ratio with many of the top comments being from skeptics.[3] Because of the backlash, the video was privated and removed from the 10:10 website.[4]


  • During the making of scenes where people get blown up by themselves, fake blood and gelatine were used, not actual blood.


NOTE: The following video contains extremely graphic content!




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