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Hello! I'm Clener74. I used to be a regular on the old Screamer Wiki on Fandom and contributed to it for a few months. My interests in terms of the wiki's articles include proofreading and re-writing sentences for clarity and conciseness. Above all things I love to learn about screamers and shock sites; while I'm not particularly keen on watching or playing the things themselves, there's such a mysterious, unapologetic quality to screamers that quite draws me in.

Outside of the wiki, I'm a 24 year old guy from Argentina. My birthday is March 4. I'm majoring in International Relations, and am an Admin at GameBanana, a game modding website that I have a long history with. My interests include:

  • Silent Hill.
  • Danganronpa.
  • Ace Attorney.
  • The King of Fighters.
  • Street Fighter.
  • Shin Megami Tensei. The Persona 2 duology in particular.
  • Gaming in general (though my personal favorites are Survival Horror, FPS, Racing and Fighting Games).
  • Reading/studying.
  • Working out.
  • Music. I listen to a lot of stuff. Metal, electronic music, rap and game OSTs primarily.
  • Getting to know people.
  • Women, both real and fictional.
  • Sports. I dearly love football, as well as running.
  • Introspection and philosophy.
  • Languages. I'm fluent in Spanish (first language) and English; learning Japanese since February 2022, able to read and write it at intermediate level.

I'll most likely drop by and check out articles while I'm not gaming, talking to people, or any other of the above.

All in all, nice to meet you, feel free to ask me anything! Should you wish to talk, my talk page is the perfect place for it.

"...Bad luck, running into me."