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Hello! I'm Clener74. I used to be a regular on the old Screamer Wiki on Fandom and contributed to it for a few months. My interests in terms of the wiki's articles include proofreading and re-writing sentences for clarity and succinctness purposes. Above all things I love to learn about screamers and shock sites; while I'm not particularly keen on watching or playing the things themselves, there's such a mysterious, unapologetic quality to screamers that quite draws me in.

Outside of this wiki I'm a 20 years old guy whose birthday is March 4, studies Public Relations at an university and loves:

  • Silent Hill.
  • Ace Attorney.
  • The motherfucking King of Fighters.
  • Gaming in general.
  • Reading.
  • Studying.
  • Working out.
  • Getting to know people.
  • Getting to know girls.
  • Deep thought.

I'll most likely drop by and check out articles while I'm not playing KoF, talking to people online, or any other of the above.

All in all, nice to meet you, feel free to ask me anything!