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This page is about a screamer of which the original copy was deleted.

Save Sammy Maze was a screamer flash game similar to The Maze made by PETA, hosted on on 2011.

The game, of course, is based on a popular flash game called The Maze, at the main menu, there is a note instructing the player to help the seal across all three levels, without touching the ice floe, but if they do, the player may not like what they see after hitting them, the dot is .png image of a seal that can be controlled by a cursor.

However, trying to reach or hit the walls in third level result in a gory image of a seal carcass, along with a female scream, before displaying the text that states: "Canada Kills Seals", not to mention that hitting the ice floe in level 2 can lead to a screamer immediately.

Showcase Video[edit | edit source]

CENSORED: Save Sammy Maze

Links[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following game contains graphic content!

  • YouTube Video Preview:

Comments[edit | edit source]

Anonymous #1

21 months ago
Score -1++

Owie my ears


Anonymous #2

19 months ago
Score 2++
PETA is full of cunts, that's all I need to say.


19 months ago
Score 2++
I do agree

Anonymous #3

19 months ago
Score 0++

"Sammy" Batim? "PEeta"

Oh... Well yeah save the seals but still.


9 months ago
Score 2++




9 months ago
Score 2++
PETA sucks. I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that. (They also blocked me on Twitter, not that anyone asked nor do I care I just thought it’d be worth mentioning)

Anonymous #4

8 months ago
Score 1++
Damn you, PETA!!

Anonymous #5

5 months ago
Score 1 You
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