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Personality Scan is a screamer video based on the flash prank Scan Analysis and made by PaulAdrian, also known as SkyBlueCat. It attempts to act like a real body scan.

The video starts out by showing some text, telling the viewer that the video has some program that scans your personality, followed by another which request them to do the final test during scanning, after a few seconds, the scan will automatically began, detecting the body, after this scan, the viewer now has to do the final test, which is eye scan, there is a text that request them to positioned themselves in 2 inches closer to their monitor or else the scan will not work.

After a few seconds, the scan now began, detecting the eye with a blue line going up and down, but suddenly, a picture of Amy Peterson pops up with the same scream from No Mires El Punto Verde. A final message reads that the viewer got pranked.

The video is, for some reason, unlisted.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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