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This is a Frequently Asked Questions page for Screamer Wiki.


What is Screamer Wiki

You haven't read the about page yet? Well here's a snippet from that page.

The Screamer Wiki, formerly known as ScreamerChecker Wiki, was founded on November 11th, 2013 by AnimatorXP, with the simple goal to index all screamers ever made. Screamer Wiki started out on Wikia, now known as Template:Rotten, and we are now operating on our own website. The wiki has since then grown to 1,576 articles, 82,628 total edits, and over 50,000 weekly visits.

How do I edit?

On computer, click the "edit source" or "edit" buttons on the main page, then type in your edits.

On mobile, click the humongous edit button; you can't miss it!

Once you are finished with your edits, in the summary box, summarize what changes you did then click "save changes"

How do I create a page?

On computer, search the page name you want to create, if the page does not exist, the text "Create the page "[Insert page name here]" on this wiki!" Click the page name then edit it like any other page.

How do I contact a user?

There are two ways to contact a user. One is via email and the other through his or her talk page.

  • To message that user via talk page, navigate to that user's username (the url is User:[Insert username here]) then click the "discussion" button.


  • If you're on computer, click "add topic" then type in what you want to tell that user.
  • If you're on mobile, click the arrow next to edit then click "add topic" in the dropdown menu. Then type in what you want to tell that user.

To E-mail a user, follow this visual guide. This is good if you are trying to message an inactive.

  • NOTE: You need to make sure you confirmed your e-mail address or else this won't work; this can be checked in your preferences. The user you are sending an e-mail must also confirm his or her address, and have e-mail active, too.
1.Go to Special:EmailUser.
2.Type in the username of whom you want to send your message to.
What step 2 looks like.

3.Enter your message then send.
What step 3 looks like.

4.The recipient will then get the message in his or her inbox. The message, however, may appear in the spam folder though.
5.The message can be viewed and replied to, however, replying to the e-mail itself will reveal your email address to the recipient (which is noted in the message). Instead use Special:EmailUser again to respond.
An example message. Note the bottom paragraph.

How can I help?

These are some good practices
  • Delete any scary images, videos or clickable links that go directly to the website and replace them with un-clickable links.
  • If you see someone violating any of the rules, tell them by using this Rules#Templates_and_examples template and fix the page.
  • If you see someone vandalizing the wiki, fix the page and contact an admin.
  • If you see any grammatical or spelling mistakes, correct them.
  • If you see any false information, correct it.
  • If there are missing categories, add them.
  • Help expand some article stubs.
  • Locate and mark pages that need expanding as article stubs.
  • Create links to some orphaned pages.
  • Upload and add some images! Visit Special:Upload.
  • Write a new article that's on the wanted list!
  • Fix any double redirects by redirecting the first page to the third page.
  • Check for broken redirects and either mark them for deletion or find a more appropriate target.
  • Consider splitting up very long pages into different pages or subpages.
  • Create some links on dead end pages.

How to I upload?

There are a few ways to upload (you must have an account to upload files on the wiki.) For images and audio under 2kb:

  • On source editor, drag and drop images where the text "Drop files here" is located, then click the "upload this file" button.
  • On VisualEditor and mobile editor, Go to Insert > Upload, then select and upload your file there.

For audio and videos over 2kb:

For everything else:

  • We recommend using Catbox to upload any other files. You can then link the files to the wiki.

Does Screamer Wiki have social media?

Absolutely, here's a list of all official social media.

All accounts listed here are not ours.

Dude why aren't you on Parler/Twitch/Myspace?

Because there's no need to be there at the moment.

If you want to create a Screamer Wiki social media account on one of these sites (or any other site), you absolutely are allowed to, just make sure people know the account is unofficial.

If you do create an account and attempt to pass it off as official, expect a ban.

Is there an official email for Screamer Wiki?

  • Yes, you can email Screamer Wiki at "webmaster(at)screamer(dot)wiki"

Does Screamer Wiki have screamers

The wiki does not allow screamer images nor gifs.

How do I help Screamer Wiki

Google tends to promote big websites (such as Fandom), blog-style websites that run tons of ads (AdSense is owned by Google), or sites that heavily rely on Template:Wikipedia (many popular sites do this too). We are none of these. Other search engines do not really matter in this case since Google holds a monopoly.

The best way to help us grow is to link to Screamer Wiki on your own website or shout us out. Doing this can help make Google's algorithm boost us in search results.

You can also help by getting people, including yourself, to make the switch to a Google alternative like DuckDuckGo.

What is the policy on Screamer Wiki's copyright?

Screamer Wiki's branding is copyright. Content on the wiki is under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 license, which means you can use any content on the wiki for anything commercial or noncommercial as long as you give us credit. This may or may not apply to images.

When it comes to our branding, that is copyrighted. If you are a planning on making social media, videos, merchandise, games, conventions, or anything else under the Screamer Wiki name, you are allowed to, but you must note it is unofficial or seek permission first.


Who are the administrators?

The active administrators on Screamer Wiki are

Also note that the first two listed here are bureaucrats.

What can admins (and bureaucrats) do that normal users can't

Unlike you, normal user, admins can:

  • Delete and undelete pages, page histories, and uploaded files.
  • Lock (protecting) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin rights or autoconfirmed status.
  • Ban IP addresses or users from editing; and very quick "rollback" or nuking of undesirable edits.

Bureaucrats can do even more. In addition with everything admins can do, bureaucrats can also

  • Give or revoke admin, bureaucrat, rollback, or content moderator rights to any user.
  • Have access to the backend upon request.

Who is the domain holder for screamer.wiki?

The domain holder for screamer.wiki is Lawiki1534.

Can I become admin?

Follow the user rights guide to see how to get permissions added to your account.

Generally, you will get rollback and eventually more permissions if you are active and the admins know you are not a troll.

Spamming GIVE ME ADMIN in talk pages in attempts to get administrator will do nothing and probably make it harder for you to get admin.


Truly the scariest pop-up video on YouTube!

Have I been banished?

You can see if you're banned by attempting to edit any page, additionally the comment box will not show up. If you are banned, this will show up.

My IP address was banned but I didn't do anything wrong!

That's probably because you are on a dynamic IP address, if your IP is banned, leave a message on your talk page explaining such. You can also create an account or log in as IP bans do not apply to logged in accounts.

How do I appeal my ban?

If you would like to appeal a ban, simply put a message on your own talk page explaining why your ban should be lifted. You'll then get a response from an admin a while later either removing your ban, reducing your ban length, or simply telling you that your appeal was flat out denied.

You can also use email to appeal your ban.

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