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The art of Mimi on index.html.

Mimi (Japanese: みみ) is the official mascot of Lomando.com. She is a 10016-year-old member of the Cat Ear Tribe (猫耳族, Nekomimi-zoku) whose hobby is collecting cute miscellaneous goods. She has purple hair and green eyes and wears a white dress, white thigh-high socks, and white gloves that resemble paws. She also wears a red collar with a bell on it, and has white cat ears and a tail. Her Japanese biography details that she changes outfits during Christmas and New Year's.

Appearance on Lomando.com

Mimi's appearance in Deep Fancy Island.

Mimi serves as the website's mascot and mainly redirects users to different pages. Clicking on her in Index.html redirects the player to Pref.html, and then to the main game.

Mimi has several alternate names. ミミ (Mimi), which is the katakana spelling of her name, is used on the ClubT page. She is referred to as みみさん2代目 (Mimi-san nidaime, "second generation Mimi") on Twinklegallery.html and Tgwailnlkellely.html. She is also referred to as ネコミミイラスト (Nekomimi irasuto, "cat ears illustration") in Index.html and Oldtop.html.

Mimi has two variations known as Santa Mimi (みみさんクリスマスVer, Mimi-san kurisumasu Ver) who wears a Santa Claus outfit, and Kimono Mimi (お正月イラスト, Oshōgatsu irasuto) who wears a pink flower-patterned kimono with a light green obi and her hair styled in a bun. In her normal and Santa variations, she merely appears as a decoration redirecting the player to other pages such as Pref.html or the LINE sticker page. While Kimono Mimi also serves as a decoration to redirect the player to other pages, she runs an omikuji booth on Oshowgatsu.html, Oshowgatsu2016.html, and Oshowgatsu2015.html, and can additionally be found on Smposhowgatsu.html.

An early version of Mimi, Generation 1 Mimi, was used in the oldest versions of the site and was later replaced by Generation 2 Mimi. An early version of Generation 2 Mimi appears on the 2012 version of the main page.

Mimi is featured in two of the LINE sticker packs, Fancy Island Horror Sticker (恐怖のふぁんしーあいらんどスタンプ) and Fancy Island Horror Sticker 2 (恐怖のふぁんしーあいらんどスタンプ2). In the second set, she takes on a more eerie appearance which is used in Deep Fancy Island. This version of Mimi is known as 化猫イラスト (bakeneko[1] irasuto, "monster cat illustration").



  1. The bakeneko (化け猫, "monster cat" or "changed cat") is a type of supernatural cat yōkai. It is distinct from the nekomata.


  • Further reading: lomando.fandom.com/wiki/Mimi

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