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The concept art of Mimi, as a decoration for Index.html and this image is used to redirect users to the main game.

Mimi is a Japanese Chibi cat girl and the official mascot character of Lomando.com series. She is a member of the "Cat Ear Tribe" and has a detailed biography, stating her hobby is collecting cute miscellaneous goods and her age is 10016. Mimi's appearance consists of saturated purple hair, green eyes, a white dress, white boots or thigh-high socks, and white gloves that imitate paws. She also wears a red collar with a bell on it, and her cat ears and tail are both pure white. Mimi's biography details that her outfits change during Christmas and New Year's.

Appearance in Lomando series

Her appearance in Index.html of Deep Fancy Island.

Mimi appears as a decoration on the website and mainly redirects users to different pages. Clicking on her in Index.html redirects the player to the preference page, then to the main game. Mimi has many alternate names, including ミミ (Mimi), which is her Japanese name, みみ in katakana spelling, used on the ClubT page. She is also known as ネコミミイラスト (Nekomimi), which means "Cat Ears Illustration" and is only used in Index.html, Englishtop.html, and Oldtop.html. Mimi has several variations, including Santa Mimi, who wears an outfit of Santa and has a festive wreath around her, and Kimono Mimi, who wears a pink kimono with her hair tied up in a ponytail. In her usual and Christmas variations, she only appears as a decoration, usually redirecting to another page such as the LINE sticker page and Pref.html. In Kimono Mimi's case, she runs a fortune booth inspired by the Japanese event "omikuji".

Her early version (Generation 1 Mimi) was used in the oldest versions of the site and removed later, while her Generation 2 Mimi is the main mascot character in the gallery. There is also an early version of Generation 2 Mimi, which appears much different and used in the 2012 version of the top page. Mimi has four stickers in the first set of LINE Stickers and two stickers in the second set, where she appears in a possessed and realistic version of her normal appearance, used in Deep Fancy Island.


  • Further reading: https://lomando.fandom.com/wiki/Mimi

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