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Deep Fancy Island (Japanese: 深層ふぁんしーあいらんど) is a short expansion of, a Japanese screamer website that functions as a horror puzzle game. The game is set on a page called Deeptop.html, which features a possessed and realistic version of Mimi with text below in English and Japanese. The text gives an overview of the game, stating that the player must solve mysteries to win and be sent to an "archive". Alongside Mimi was linked to other pages and advertisements for LINE.

The game begins with the player in a field, facing an entrance that leads to Ookamuro Subspecies and five glitchy Japanese kanji characters. Each kanji button redirects to a different page. Clicking the head in the middle produces laughter, and clicking the top left corner unlocks a separate portion of the page where the player must click buttons in a specific order. This leads to the appearance of a monochrome door that redirects the player to a new page called Deepdashtwoes.html. Despite its numerous screamers, Deep Fancy Island can also be considered a puzzle game due to its heavy use of puzzles and mazes.


Each of these buttons leads to a secret code that can be used in the gallery page Deeparchive.html.

First button


The player find themselves inside a sewer area.

When the player clicks on the first kanji, they are met with a POV of the visitor inside a sewer area. The player can walk down the corridor to reach a new section, but there is a 25% chance that Franjyou (a ghost woman with a bruise surrounding her right eye, bloodshot eyes, and stitches on the left side of her face) may pop up with deep laughter and kill the visitor. If Franjyou didn't appear, the player may click the rusted door to proceed to the new page.


The player/visitor is met with the entrance of a cave where they can walk down the cave, clicking the entrance may bring the player to another part of the cave. The cycle may repeat 3 or 4 times until they find a Jizo statue. However, there is a 1 in 7 chance that Mummy man may pop up with a roar, and the game over screen is shown meaning that Mummy man killed the visitor. They can also appear if the player is idle after entering halfway through. At this point, when the player is lucky enough not to encounter Mummy man and manage to get to the Jizo statue, they can click on it to proceed to the new page.


The player initially encounters a light purple door secured by a keypad and must find the code to unlock it. The player can navigate to the left or right from this location. Proceeding to the right leads to a locked cabinet with three shapes beneath it, a subsequent room containing a sinkhole with an inaccessible item underneath, and a cryptic painting featuring four differently-colored heads with associated numbers. Continuing to the right from here leads to a room with a table holding a computer, which can be accessed via the monitor. A Windows NT-styled operating system displays a webpage requiring a password, which is hinted at by a map showing a counter-clockwise path. The password can be found by identifying hidden numbers associated with various objects in the rooms. The door has a hidden "7," the computer has a "1," the sinkhole represents a "0," and the circle shape represents another "0". These numbers are indicated by dark purple shading. The correct code is 7100, which unlocks the door and triggers the sound of running water nearby. Investigating the sinkhole room again reveals that the water has pushed up a key, which unlocks the cabinet. Inside the cabinet, a light switch can be found and turned on or off. Switching it off reveals four digits (+3, +1, +4, and +1) colored red, blue, green, and yellow respectively, which correspond to the numbers in the cryptic painting. Adding these numbers to their respective colors produces code "5382". Entering this code into the keypad unlocks the door, allowing the player to progress to the next level (Deepmachigai.html). During the gameplay sequence, there is a 50% chance of encountering either Chaori or Half melted Woman, both of whom will result in the player's death and a Game Over.


Deepmachigai.html is a webpage that follows after the completion of Deepdassyutu.html. The webpage presents a YouTube video that the player is required to engage with to progress. The video features two illustrations, and the player is tasked with identifying and marking the differences between them. Correctly identifying all the differences by selecting the appropriate squares will trigger the appearance of a door, accompanied by a low-pitched laughing sound. This door redirects the player into Deepmemo9128.html, which contains a folded piece of paper that reveals the way to solve the "alternate puzzle" in the Deepindox.html.


Deepdashtwoes.html is a webpage that can be accessed via an alternative puzzle in Deepindox.html. The page comprises four rooms, with the player initially encountering a door that is sealed by a ghost. Upon clicking right, the player will enter a room with an incomplete puzzle consisting entirely of white pieces. Moving right from this room will reveal the presence of the Karakuri doll. Tapping her head will cause her to shake her head and laugh while tapping her head five times will award the player with a black puzzle piece. Inserting this black puzzle piece into the puzzle from the previous room will prompt corrupted text to appear at the bottom of the page when interacting with it. If the player tries to leave the Karakuri doll's room without clicking her head five times again, the attempt will fail, and the player will remain in her room. Her laugh is also deeper when her head is tapped. If the player attempts to leave her room three times, the Karakuri doll will jump at the player and end the game.

To proceed, the player must refrain from using the black puzzle piece and click the Karakuri doll's head five more times. This will reward the player with a can opener that can be used to open the can in the room located to the left of the starting room. Inside the can, the player will find a pile of coins that can be used to play the "SMILE or TEARFUL?" game in the next room. The player must guess which face will appear and click the corresponding "Smile" or "Tearful" button to win the game. Winning the game two times will cause a capsule to drop down, which can be clicked to acquire a white puzzle piece. After obtaining the white puzzle piece, the player can choose to insert the black puzzle piece into the puzzle instead. This will still trigger the trap. Upon inserting the white puzzle piece into the incomplete puzzle, the puzzle will disappear, revealing the Exorcism Laser Gun. The player can then use this weapon to shoot the door, effectively eliminating the ghost and unlocking the door. Upon entering the unlocked door, the player will be redirected to Deepomuk.html. However, the player also has the option of shooting the Karakuri doll. After firing twelve shots, the doll will vanish, and a golden door will appear. That door redirects to Deepdotsboy.html.


On March 29th, 2023, a new page was added that consisted of a dark hallway with a door at the end. The player could walk down the hallway to the door, but just before it became visible, the disembodied head of a woman called Wandering Neck would appear out of nowhere. She would jump at the player with a scare chord, but would not harm them. She will say, "It hurts..." and "Where have my friends gone...?" and then disappear, revealing the door behind her and a note. Clicking the note will display a photo of J-ker and Wandering Neck when they were alive. Clicking the door will redirect to Deepdashtwoes.html.

A photo of J-ker (left) and Wandering Neck (right) when they were still alive.
A photo of J-ker (left) and Wandering Neck (right) when they were still alive.


After leaving Deepdashtwoes.html, the player will find themselves in a room with dark blue tiles. Clicking on the door in this room will make the Spider monster appear, which will attempt to attack and kill the player. In this case, the player must use the Exorcism Laser Gun to eliminate the Spider monster. Upon defeating the creature, the player will gain access to the gallery page by clicking on the door.


Deeparchive.html is the concluding page of Deep Fancy Island. This archive page is accessible from Deepomuk.html and features ten sections, called Files, providing descriptions of the game's characters in both English and Japanese. Three secret sections can be accessed through codes found on other pages. These sections reveal extra content, such as early designs of Mummy man and information about Girl on the sign. Additionally, the probabilities of ghosts appearing in Deepslotkai.html and a pixel art rendition of Yukan no Shonen featured in Deepdotsboy.html are also included. Deeparchive.html serves as a comprehensive resource for players who want to delve deeper into the game's lore and characters.

Second button


The Deepskull.html page presents a puzzle that requires the player to use a YouTube video to solve it. The video displays a sequence of numbered skulls that reshuffle after approximately six seconds. The player must reorganize the skulls based on the new order presented in the video, which is 3-5-2-1-4. After arranging the skulls correctly and clicking the "Decision" button, the skulls will briefly display eyes before disappearing, revealing a door. Clicking on the door will redirect the player to Deepcurtain.html.


This page displays a curtain. Clicking on the curtain can reveal different elements, including a grayscale version of Kuma, a golden key that the player can pick up, a locked treasure chest, or a screamer of Half-melted woman. To progress, the player must collect the golden key and use it to open the locked treasure chest. Inside the chest, they will find a sheet of paper that, once clicked, will display the first secret code "gggj" used in Deeparchive.html.

Third button


Upon clicking the third button, the player is redirected to Deepcryw.html where they are presented with several rows of young women, all of whom are opening their mouths, except for one in the third row who appears worried. Clicking on this particular woman causes all the others to transform into loudly crying ghosts. All of the ghosts appear to be moving except for one in the second row who is putting her head in her hands. Clicking on this ghost triggers the appearance of a larger ghost in the center of the screen, but this entity is harmless. After approximately 20-25 seconds, the ghost disappears, revealing a door that leads to a folded paper that has the code "rain" and is used in Deeparchive.html

Fourth button


The slot machine from Deepslotkai.html. The player will receive 50 credits to play it.
The score guide from the "How to Play" button.

The page features a purple slot machine that allows the player to engage in gameplay. A "How-to-play" guide accompanies the machine, which informs the player that clicking anywhere on the engine will start and stop the slots. Specific visuals can only be seen on a mobile device, such as a graveyard, a scoring guide, and a purple button. The guide outlines the objective of the game, which is to earn at least 300 credits to win. It further notes that the slot machine is randomized and that the likelihood of winning is 4%. The player begins with 50 credits and each play costs 3 credits. Failing to earn the required credits will result in a Game Over, as a purple hand will grab and kill the player. A scoring guide is (specifically) explained, with Three 7s earning a maximum of 300 points and activating a bonus that allows the player to score 15 points regardless of the combo. Two 7s and a BAR earn a maximum of 105 points and activate the bonus for a shorter time. Three bells equal 15 points, while three watermelons earn 3 points. A combination of one cherry and two other symbols earns 2 points, and three eyes result in a free restart.

Reaching 300 credits, however, will cause a door to appear in the bottom right corner. Clicking the door and agreeing to the warning will redirect the player to Deepmemosau111.html. Notably, the player can continue to play the slot machine until they have run out of credits, even after the door appears. While playing the slot machine, Abyss, Cursed Doll, Kubishime Onna, Eris, Borei, Dai kuchisake-onna, and Franjyou all have a 14% chance of appearing on the screen.


This page leads to a dark room with a folded piece of paper, and this reveals the code "jkpt" for Deeparchive.html.

Fifth button


The page depicts a folding window, which can be clicked up to three times. Upon the fourth click, the window will open, and Shadow head will fly into the room. This action results in the player being grabbed by Shadow head, ultimately leading to a Game Over. Additionally, the room will flash momentarily, and a loud thunder sound will be audible upon clicking the window. This page does not lead anywhere.





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