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Deep Fancy Island (Japanese: 深層ふぁんしーあいらんど) is a short expansion of, a Japanese screamer website that functions as a horror puzzle game. The expansion occurs underground, presumably connected to the abandoned Fancy Island Amusement Park.

Website content

The game is set on a page called Deeptop.html, which features a possessed and realistic version of Mimi with text below in English and Japanese. The text gives an overview of the game, stating that the player must solve mysteries to win and be sent to an "archive". Alongside Mimi was linked to other pages and advertisements for LINE.

Gameplay overview

The game begins with the player in a field, facing an entrance that leads to Ookamuro Subspecies and five glitchy Japanese kanji characters. Each kanji button redirects to a different page. Clicking the head in the middle produces laughter, and clicking the top left corner unlocks a separate portion of the page where the player must click buttons in a specific order. This leads to the appearance of a monochrome door that redirects the player to a new page called Deepdashtwoes.html. Despite its numerous screamers, Deep Fancy Island can also be considered a puzzle game due to its heavy use of puzzles and mazes.

First kanji

The player find themselves inside a sewer area.

(gallery of the puzzle here) (picture of the kitchen illustration here) The first kanji leads to Deepgesui.html, guiding the player into a sewer. By clicking down, they advance until a rusted door appears after three "steps." Clicking on the door once results in blood splatter, and clicking again leads to another page, Deepdoukutu.html. There is a chance that a woman named Franjyou appears, accompanied by the traditional Lomando scream.

Deepdoukutu.html introduces into a new underground setting. The player must click to traverse the cavern's end, encountering a Jizo statue. Clicking on it progresses to the next page Deepdassyutu.html. Amid this journey, a screamer depicting a mummified corpse, colloquially known as "Mummy man" may appear similar to the previous.

Deepdassyutu.html introduces a locked purple door secured by a keypad. The player navigates various sections using left and right arrows on their screen. These include a locked cabinet with three shapes below it, a painting featuring differently-colored heads and numbers, a sinkhole with a key underneath, and a desktop setup on a table with two chairs. The player has a 50% chance of encountering either Chaori or a Half-melted woman during the sequence, resulting in a game over. To solve the puzzle, the player must:

  • Locate the desktop setup and click on the monitor, revealing a Windows NT-styled operating system. This system leads to a webpage requiring a password, with a map hinting at a counter-clockwise path. The password is derived from the numbers associated with objects in the rooms, indicated by dark purple shading. The locked door shows a "7," the computer has a "1," the sinkhole represents a "0," and the dark circle signifies another "0."
  • Inputting these numbers triggers the sound of running water. Going to the sink reveals a key pushed up by the water in the hole, unlocking the cabinet.
  • Inside the cabinet is a light switch that, when turned off, displays colored digits on the screen (A red +3, A blue +1, A green +4, and a yellow +1), corresponding to numbers in the cryptic painting. Adding these numbers produces the code "5382." Entering this code into the keypad unlocks the door, allowing progression to the next webpage, Deepmachigai.html.
The solution for the "alternate puzzle" in Deepindox.html

Deepmachigai.html presents a YouTube video featuring two illustrations of a kitchen. The player must identify and mark the differences. Correctly identifying all differences triggers a hidden door accompanied by a low-pitched laugh. This door leads to Deepmemo9128.html, revealing a folded paper disclosing the solution to the "alternate puzzle" in Deepindox.html.

Second kanji

The second kanji leads to Deepskull.html, a webpage showcasing a series of numbered skulls that reshuffle every six seconds. Solving the puzzle involves using a YouTube video to reorganize the skulls based on the new order presented in the video, with the correct order being 3-5-2-1-4. Upon solving it correctly, the skulls briefly display eyes before disappearing, unveiling a door that redirects the player to Deepcurtain.html.

On this page, a curtain is prominently featured. Clicking on the curtain reveals various elements, including a grayscale version of a stuffed bear Kuma, a Half-melted woman, a golden key available for the player to pick up, and a locked treasure chest. To advance, the player must collect the golden key and use it to unlock the chest. Inside, they will discover a sheet of paper that, upon clicking, displays the first secret code "gggj" for Deeparchive.html.

Third kanji

In the third kanji, the player is directed to Deepcryw.html, where a section of young women is displayed in several rows, all opening their mouths, except for one in the third row who seems visibly concerned. Clicking on this particular woman results in a transformation of all others into crying ghosts. While most ghosts exhibit movement, one in the second row is observed putting her head in her hands. Clicking on this specific ghost initiates the appearance of a larger ghost in the center of the screen, though this entity poses no threat. After approximately 20-25 seconds, the ghost dissipates, unveiling a door leading to a folded paper containing the code "rain," crucial for progress in Deeparchive.html.

Fourth kanji

The slot machine from Deepslotkai.html. The player will receive 50 credits to play it.
The score guide from the "How to Play" button.

The fourth kanji leads the player to a purple slot machine. Accompanying this machine is an instructional guide labeled "How-to-play" providing users with insights into the game's mechanics. This guide serves as a compass, directing players toward the objective of accumulating a minimum of 300 credits to advance. Players commence with 50 credits and must invest 3 credits per play.

The scoring guide provides a detailed explanation, highlighting that Three 7s yield a maximum of 300 points and activate a bonus, allowing the player to score 15 points regardless of the combo. It emphasizes that the slot machine operates randomly, with a 4% chance of winning. Upon reaching 300 credits, a door appears in the bottom right corner. Clicking on the door and agreeing to the warning redirects the player to Deepmemosau111.html. Notably, players can continue playing the slot machine even after the door appears until they run out of credits. After completing the game, they would be redirected to a piece of paper with the code "jkpt" for Deeparchive.html.

Failure to reach 300 credits prompts a purple hand to extend from the machine toward the player's screen, resulting in a game over. While engaging with the slot machine, Abyss, Cursed Doll, Kubishime Onna, Eris, Borei, Dai kuchisake-onna, and Franjyou each has a 14% chance of appearing on the screen.

Fifth kanji

The fifth kanji showcases a folding window, which can be clicked up to three times. Upon the fourth click, the window will open, and Shadow head will fly into the room. This action results in the player being grabbed by Shadow head, ultimately leading to a game over. Additionally, the room will flash momentarily, and a thunder sound will be audible upon clicking the window. This page does not lead anywhere.

Deepindox.html alternative route

A photo of J-ker (left) and Wandering Neck (right) when they were still alive.
A photo of J-ker (left) and Wandering Neck (right) when they were still alive.

After following the alternative puzzle hinted from the first kanji, the player is redirected to Deepdashtwoes.html, which features four sections in a room. Initially, the player encounters a door sealed by a ghost. Clicking right leads to a room with an incomplete puzzle of white pieces. Moving right from here reveals the Karakuri doll. Tapping her head causes laughter, and tapping it five times awards a black puzzle piece. Inserting this into the previous puzzle prompts corrupted text at the bottom. Trying to leave the Karakuri doll's room without additional taps results in failure, and remaining in her room. The doll's laugh deepens with each tap. Leaving the room three times prompts a jump-scare, ending the game.

  • To proceed, the player avoids using the black piece and taps the doll's head five more times. This rewards a can opener.
  • Opening the can in the starting room reveals coins for the "SMILE or TEARFUL?" game. Guessing correctly twice drops a capsule containing a white puzzle piece. The player chooses to insert the black piece, triggering a trap, or the white piece, making the puzzle vanish.
  • The Exorcism Laser Gun is revealed. Shooting the door eliminates the ghost, unlocking it, redirects to Deepomuk.html. Alternatively, shooting the doll twelve times makes her vanish, revealing a golden door leading to Deepdotsboy.html.

On March 29th, 2023, a new page includes a dark hallway. Walking to the door summons Wandering Neck, who startles but doesn't harm. She says, "It hurts..." and "Where have my friends gone...?" Disappearing reveals a note with a photo of her and J-ker when they were alive (pictured). Clicking the door redirects to Deepdashtwoes.html.

After leaving Deepdashtwoes.html, the player enters a room with dark blue tiles. Clicking the door summons a Spider monster. Using the Exorcism Laser Gun defeats it, granting access to the gallery page.


A screenshot of the Deeparchive.html page.

Deeparchive.html concludes Deep Fancy Island. It features ten sections or Files describing game characters in English and Japanese. Secret sections, accessed through codes, provide extra content like Mummy man's early designs and information about Girl on the sign. The page includes probabilities of ghosts in Deepslotkai.html and pixel art of Yukan no Shonen from Deepdotsboy.html. The codes obtained from the other kanjis can unlock secret "files" in the game.

The archive begins with a description of a large face encountered in the first room, providing insights about Franjyou who appears in the sewage area. Further details emerge regarding a mummy (known as "Mummy man") located in the cave area and a seldom-seen ghost in the mystery-solving game section. The text then delves into a ghost intermittently present in both the curtain area and the mystery-solving game zone, hinting at significant events when a specific crying ghost stops. An introduction follows for a ghost situated in the spot-the-difference area, also highlighted on the centipede page in the regular edition of Fancy Island. The content proceeds to elaborate on a karakuri doll from Deepdashtwoes.html, a monstrous entity emerging from another world, wielding scythe-like front legs, and a ghost making an appearance on the window page from the fifth kanji, and finally, a backstory of J-ker's friend from their pre-deceased life—a girl in search of J-ker and her lost body.

Additionally, the codes obtained from the other kanjis can unlock secret "files" in the game. The files reveal versions of the mummy man's appearance through multiple redraws, provide insights into the appearance rate of screamers in the slot machine game from the fourth kanji, a girl featured on a warning sign in the park cautioning against running, and a pixel art rendition of Yukan no Shonen from the original Fancy Island.


Ironically, this is indeed the gallery of the game. You might be looking for Archive instead.




NOTE: The following website contains lots of screamers!

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