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This article contains spoilers!
Please be advised that the following article contains spoilers for the screamer mentioned in the title or description. If you have not yet experienced the material and wish to avoid spoilers, we recommend that you proceed with caution or refrain from reading until you have done so.

Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Lomando.com, also known as Fancy Island (Japanese: ふぁんしーあいらんど), is an online horror-puzzle video game website hosted on Geocities in early 2011.

The game's creation is attributed to an anonymous individual known as Shisso-kanrinin (known online as (Mousoumanager, gentoo-nohito, Nohito, Yukihito (as a character in-game), and "fantasy person"). Made with the Adobe Flash plugin and incorporating sound effects and music from websites H/MIX GALLERY[1] and On-Jin,[2] the developer drew inspiration from a website called Jigokuhen[3] (地獄変, 'Hell Screen") and his fascination with occult and horror radio wave sites.[4] Originally designed for Japanese speakers, the game received attention from English and international players, culminating in a full translation of the main page and Yukan no Shonen's pages.

In December 2019, following the discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player, the developer announced that the game was being rewritten in HTML5, which was finished in February 2020.

A short expansion of the game called Deep Fancy Island was released on January 6th, 2023.


The English "How to Play" tutorial.

Lomando.com appears to be an innocent-looking website that hides its true nature as a horror game. Clicking on the image of Mimi redirects users to Pref.html, where a cautionary warning appears, advising those with heart problems to proceed with caution. To access the game, users must click on Mimi's image at the bottom of Pref.html. Upon clicking, users find themselves on a page featuring a dark door against a black backdrop. Interacting with the door leads to encounters with either Ookamuro,[5] a looming, disembodied head, or three Cursed Dolls, accompanied by eerie ambient sounds. In the Ookamuro variant, five clickable white circles appear in the bottom-left corner.

The game's narrative ventures into dark themes, including paranoia, suicide, and depression, categorizing it as an utsuge (鬱ゲー, "depressing game"). It combines elements of horror and puzzle-solving, with nearly every page housing intricate puzzles or contributing to a broader enigma. The ending of the game is to access the "gallery".


The backstory of the game unfolds through a series of events, rooted in Yukihito, the creator of Fancy Island, a theme park featuring nekomimi mascots Mimi, Nyami, and Yomi. The narrative primarily emerges from Yukihito's various diaries, particularly 管理人の手記 (Kanrinin no Shuki, "The Manager's Journal") and 死にたい理論 (Shinitai Riron, "The Theory of Wanting to Die") where he writes about his descent into depression and contemplation of suicide. Fancy Island finished construction on August 14, 2009, but a virus outbreak on its opening day abruptly led to its closure. While the mystery of the outbreak was not solved, he aimed to reopen the park on September 14th, 2009, but this never came to fruition. Overwhelmed by guilt for causing 17 individuals to be hospitalized, Yukihito withdrew from public life, thoroughly documenting his nightmares and dark thoughts. His mysterious death on April 4th, 2010, added eerie dimensions to his story, with some diary entries alluding to suicide.[6]

The park's closure transformed it into a haven for evil spirits, including a pale woman named Kanrinin no Yorishiro,[7] where Yukihito's spirit seems to reside posthumously. Pieyama God (ピエ山ゴッド, Pieyama Goddo),[8] a clown ghost, seized control of the park, making it dangerous for trespassers. The exterior of the park retained its friendly decorations to lure people in, while the interior was transformed into a bloodier haunted house aesthetic. During this period, Eris, a ghostly figure, took possession of Nekoshow, transforming him into the sinister Nekomata.[9]

The haunted park drew the curiosity of an unnamed researcher who aimed to cover its paranormal activities and the mysteries surrounding missing visitors. During their exploration, they discovered a cryptic passcode etched onto a room's wall, an event captured in their final recording.


NOTE: This section contains information about the game's current version following its update in 2019. If there are any changes or missing info, you can do us a favor by adding it.

Branching pages


The Ookamuro variant of Main.html.

In the page accessed through Main.html, players encounter Ookamuro, accompanied by an eerie ambiance consisting of growling and moaning sounds. The player is presented with five clickable buttons on the first page, which serves as a means of progressing through the game. These buttons can lead the player either to dead-end paths or provide them with codes necessary for solving puzzles on subsequent pages. The buttons redirect to different pages within the game, including Elizabeth.html, Chaos.html, Heven.html, and Eden.html.

Notably, the fifth button on the first page does not lead the player to any location or outcome. Instead, it triggers the appearance of a ghost woman named Yukie on the player's screen, accompanied by groaning or moaning audio. Importantly, this encounter does not harm the player or return them to the front page; rather, it removes the fifth button from the interface.


In Elizabeth.html, players are confronted with a mask referred to as Elizabeth, grinning with blood oozing from its eyes. This unsettling image is set against a black background, and clicking on the mask displays multiple links represented by various-sized Elizabeths sliding across the screen. These masks are accompanied by a looping laughter sound. Clicking one of the masks redirects to one of six pages, each of which is described below:

Akeru.html (First mask)

The first mask redirects to Akeru.html,[10] the page which presents the player with several lines of mojibake. Every seven seconds, several dolls known as Nihonningyou appear in the background, seemingly opening a door that promptly closes after a brief moment. This page contains clickable links within the text, including "薙k縺" located in the middle and "縺翫>・・" in the lower right corner.

The first link ("薙k縺") leads to a door puzzle where the player must decipher the correct sequence of Nihonningyou dolls, which change color upon clicking. The correct code is hinted at by a paper shown in Tsrheiansguarlelery.html, a dead-end page in Chaos.html. If the player correctly inputs the sequence, the door opens and redirects to Uozokjonasawuagukob.html.[11]

The second link ("縺翫>・・") redirects the player to a YouTube video. The video initially displays a static screen briefly before transitioning to a scene featuring a woman known as Borei. She has empty black eyes and a wide mouth and approaches the screen in a close-up while accompanied by loud footsteps and moans. As the camera pans downward, it reveals a note that provides a clue for finding the other link within the line of text.[12]

Yukan no Shonen's Jan Ken Pon puzzle
The player's options for Jan Ken Pon, consisting of a clenched fist (rock), a peace sign (scissors), and an open hand (paper).
The chart for Jan Ken Pon depicted at the beginning of the English version of the video.

The door from Puzzledoor.html redirects the player to a YouTube video featuring Yukan no Shonen. In the video, Yukan no Shonen introduces a Japanese version of the game Rock Paper Scissors, which is known as Jan Ken Pon. After explaining the game, the video depicts Yukan no Shonen dancing and then exclaiming "Jan Ken Pon" as he displays different hand signs for rock, paper, and scissors. Immediately following each turn, the video briefly flashes a split-second frame with either a red background (勝, "WIN") or a blue background (負, "LOSE"), representing Yukan no Shonen's outcome. The player must input the correct sign corresponding to Yukan no Shonen's outcome. The correct sequence of actions for the game is as follows: scissors, rock, paper, rock, rock, scissors. Once the correct sequence is input and the door is clicked, the player is directed to Atelierdesu.html.

A screenshot of Atelierdesu.html. Both sides of the screen are clickable, either leading to a shotgun or the shotgun's outline. The player can only choose one as it is a 50/50 chance.

In Atelierdesu.html, players encounter a character named Tomato Onna (トマト女, "tomato woman") seated in a room with a door. Players can hover their cursor on both sides of the screen, revealing white bars. These sides lead to paintings of pink flowers, and beneath them, there's a depiction of a shotgun or its outline, leaving the player with no other options. Upon returning to the main screen after inspecting either side, a close-up of Tomato Onna's face appears, accompanied by a loud scream. If the player has obtained the shotgun, they can click on Tomato Onna to shoot her, resulting in blood splattering across the room as her lifeless body falls out of view. At this point, the player can click on the door.

However, if they click on the door, it redirects to a page styled like a Google Chrome 404 error page. Subsequently, the page transforms into an inverted version of itself, and a distressed masked woman with wide, alarmed eyes (referred to as 404'san within the game) appears, accompanied by laughter and a loud beeping sound. This prompts the player to shoot her to progress, and once the player shoots her, she vanishes from the screen, allowing access to the door which redirects to Ima3yaruk62oc.html for further progression.

Ima3yaruk62oc.html guides players into a completely black room, allowing them to navigate using on-screen arrows. In the bottom left corner, there's a map displaying the maze's layout, revealing that the room itself is a maze. There is a chance that two monsters, Yamiuchi Ji or Eris, may reappear and attack the player. However, players can use the shotgun acquired from the previous page to defend themselves and continue advancing. At the maze's end, a door appears, redirecting players to Kaidan1.html.[13]


On this page, the player enters a dimly lit staircase. With each step downward, the chance arises for one of two apparitions to appear. These entities feature a woman with pale skin and long black hair, known as Elusive, or Tomato Onna from Atelierdesu.html. Approaching the player, these two can be eliminated with a simple click using the player's shotgun. Alternatively, players might come across another ghostly presence named Akai Sukato no Onnanoko. By clicking away from her, especially near the screen's edges, she can be avoided. Opting to kill her, however, leads to a different outcome, propelling the player into an endless staircase. At the end, the player progresses to 7diackii2.html.

The next page closely resembles Kaidan1.html. As players progress, they notice a cassette tape. When played, a voice begins to reveal a password required to unlock the next room's door: 'The password to unlock the next room door is 4, 1, 2-.' However, this narration is suddenly cut off by the abrupt appearance of Pieyama Pie-Man Mk-2[14]. Moving further to the left, players encounter a tutorial that explains how to comprehend the necessary text for the upcoming room, Ujinoma.html,[15] which the player can now access.

The room in Ujinoma.html, featuring a hanged corpse covered in maggots, along with two doors between it. The other door with the passcode is locked with a code consisting of Japanese characters.

In the next room, two interactable exits can be seen, positioned on either side of the hanging body of the researcher[16][17] at the center of the room. The area is infested with maggots, crawling over the corpse and on the ground. The walls serve as a canvas for various drawings, such as a drawing resembling a red spider lily,[18] Purapura, and Tomato Onna, as well as various Japanese phrases written in blood.[19] Choosing the right-hand door guides players to Ikiammadem.html. Alternatively, clicking on the left door reveals an entrance controlled by a dial mechanism, which requires a specific code for entry. Inputting the code 肆壱弐伍伍玖,[20] As previously hinted in 7diackii2.html, unlocks the left door, leading the player to Cfoaansctyer.html.[21]

Clicking "Yes" on the armed coaster starts the ride, opening the previously closed door. Surviving the challenging sections leads to progression via the door to Maamokeznefg.html.

Cfoaansctyer.html takes the player to an underground cave where players have the choice to ride a coaster. Clicking the coaster and selecting "Yes" begins gameplay, where the player uses a mounted machine gun on the minecart to shoot obstacles that appear in their path. These obstacles include a floating woman's head known as Crow, an eye firing "beams" at the player, and obstacle boxes. Failing to shoot these obstacles results in a quarter-half of their health being taken, with more obstacles spawning as the player progresses. At the end, the coaster leads to Maamokeznefg.html.


In Maamokeznefg.html, players find themselves in a room with two displayed paintings. Clicking on the painting depicting a red monster composed entirely of eyes (referred to as Eyedaddy) redirects players to Emyeeddaamday.html. Alternatively, selecting the painting featuring Ichimatsuko guides players to Pdaieolyaam.html.

In Emyeeddaamday.html, the page showcases the monster from the painting, revealing it to be a red creature with multiple eyes and two legs. Clicking on Eyedaddy begins a textbox where he challenges the player, saying, "If you want new power, prove your strength by defeating me." This leads to a confrontation in the form of Jan Ken Pon against the creature. Winning rewards players with a "Magic Sword" weapon, with its description displayed. Closing the description introduces "Security," a zombified head that can be eliminated by clicking with the weapon. Players can then proceed to the next page, with the left painting remaining unclickable.

In Pdaieolyaam.html, players find themselves in a narrow hallway. Clicking moves the player closer to a door, but just before reaching it, Kageboshi appears, causing the surroundings to become static, followed by a series of startling images. However, players who possess the Magic Sword can eliminate Kageboshi immediately and gain access to the door. Behind the door is a row of Ichimatsukos, as suggested by the corresponding painting. In this section, players engage in a Whack-A-Mole-style minigame. They must click to eliminate moving Ichimatsukos that appear randomly. Players must eliminate 10 Ichimatsukos to progress to the next level, accessible at S2st66usam7obe.html.

Ichimatsuko bossfight

On the page S2st66usam7obe.html, players encounter a shaking Ichimatsuko against a black background. Clicking on it causes it to flee, returning players to the row of Ichimatsukos. In this instance, a cutscene unfolds as two Ichimatsukos merge into a larger entity. Players then engage in a boss fight against the larger Ichimatsuko, which moves along the screen's edges. Players can inflict damage on Ichimatsuko by clicking on it. A heart icon provides healing to the larger Ichimatsuko when hovered over, tracking its movement. Throughout the game, Pieyama MK-2 appears at various points, hindering progress. Clicking on Pieyama MK-2 shatters the "screen," allowing players to continue. The player's objective is to defeat Ichimatsuko before time runs out. Success results in Ichimatsuko shattering and exploding as the screen fades to white, redirecting players to Maamomj3upftsk.html. However, failing to defeat Ichimatsuko in time redirects players to a similar sequence of startling images, as encountered previously with Kageboshi.

Pieyama God bossfight
The final obstacle of the game is to confront the main antagonist Pieyama God. To weaken this main antagonist, they must click on one of three menacing Guardi-eyes floating around the screen.

After advancing from Maamomj3upftsk.html, the player returns to a room similar to Maamolqgep2sp.html but in a different page (Maamomj3upftsk.html). The only interactive element on this page is the door, leading to a unique boss battle against the game's main antagonist Pieyama God. Players need to defeat three floating dark purple eyes (referred to in the game as Guardi-eyes) to weaken and damage the Pieyama God. After taking down all the Guardi-eyes, the Pieyama God lowers its head, revealing a weak point that players can target precisely with the Magic Sword. Failing to defeat the Guardi-eyes quickly triggers three different attacks; one of these attacks, in particular, is the Forced warp, which requires players to rapidly click a button that appears before a timer runs out. Failing to do so redirects them to Main.html. Notably, every time players hit a Guardi-eye or the exposed weak point of the Pieyama God, they gradually build up a special skill called "SKILL." Using this skill allows players to unleash a powerful move called the "Magic Sword slash", which eliminates any remaining Guardi-eyes and causes massive damage to Pieyama God. After successfully defeating the main antagonist, a path to the game's end becomes available. By clicking on the door at the end of this path, players are taken to Twinklegallery.html, where they are taken to a passcode containing a slider, two eyes that alternate colors when clicked, and numbers as Japanese characters from Ujinoma.html.

Second mask

Konkon-san,[22] a grey woman with a wide mouth, appears banging at high speed on the player's screen, mouth open but with no scream. Unlike the other masks, the player is not redirected to a new page.

Utsuru.html (Third mask)

Utsuru.html[23] displays a dimly lit room in a livestream format. A floating head named Nui Kuchi (縫い口, "stitched mouth") appears in front of the camera, moving around in a circle. She appears at midnight and vanishes after 5:00 AM.[24]

Ydad.html (Fourth mask)

Ydad.html is a branching page that displays gray-colored Babies continuously flipping at a rapid rate, seemingly cutting between two frames per second. These visuals are set against a flashing background alternating between red, blue, green, and yellow. In the foreground, three doors are displayed, each leading to different outcomes:

  • Left door: Clicking the left door redirects the player to Aguodiernihs.html,[25] presenting a fake YouTube video titled カメラが捉えた恐怖の心霊映像 (Kamera ga toraeta kyōfu no shinrei eizō, "Terrifying Supernatural Footage Caught on Camera"). Within this video interface, the player is restricted from interacting with other buttons, leaving the sole option of clicking the YouTube play button. Upon doing so, a 20-second video of a train is displayed, featuring an appearance by J-ker after 3 seconds. Subsequently, J-ker attempts to break through the screen, successfully doing so as the video concludes at 7 seconds, resulting in a close-up of her face as a screamer.
  • Middle Door: Selecting the middle door leads the player to a jumpscare featuring Cursed Baby and the page turns black.
  • Right door: On this page, a "gallery" door is seen at the end of a hallway in the line of bookcases. It makes the viewer think as if they have reached the end of the game. The door is clickable and the player can move by clicking on it. However, a trap is triggered as the floor gives way, causing the player to plummet into a spike pit.

Oiaaeptoiympe.html (Fifth mask)

An image of the clown-themed entrance in Oiaaeptoiympe.html.

Oiaaeptoiympe.html[26] features an entrance designed with a clown wearing a cape and fedora is featured. To progress, the player interacts with the left keypad and enters the correct code (→←↓↓↑). Entering an incorrect code or clicking the cape without entering the code prompts a return; clicking it five times triggers Dorodoro to appear. Upon entering the correct code, illuminated arrows and a blue top section appear, rendering the keypad unresponsive. Clicking the cape opens the entrance to Pieyama.html.

Pieyama.html presents a small white dot and upon clicking it, a Google Chrome window appears, featuring a red background and black text. Attempting to close this window by exiting makes the same Chrome tab reappear with different text (in a similar fashion to that of Red Room creepypasta). This cycle repeats four times, culminating in the sudden appearance of Pieyama Pie-Man, who appears along with the traditional Lomando scream.

The game then transitions into a Jan Ken Pon fight with Pieyama Pie-Man. Both the player and Pieyama Pie-Man start with 100 HP and have access to three attacks, each inflicting 20 damage. Should both parties choose the same attack, a pair of eyes named Aikokun appears, dealing 20 damage to both Pieyama Pie-Man and the player. A victorious outcome for the player leads to the disappearance of Pieyama Pie-Man, unveiling a door behind him. Clicking this door triggers a screamer from Yukie, followed by a piece of paper displaying a code for use in Hokora1.html.

Curse.html (Sixth mask)

A TV screen with static as seen in Curse.html.

Curse.html presents a black background featuring a TV screen displaying static. Interacting with the TV triggers Purapura's alert screen, accompanied by a loud beeping sound. The alert screen contains her sprite and inverted Japanese text.[27] Clicking on Purapura's face changes where repeated clicks progressively distort her image. The distortion transforms the image from its normal color palette to monochromatic and eventually to red, representing the most distorted state. Upon reaching 20 clicks, players are redirected to a black screen. Here, an unidentified entity engages with the player in Japanese dialogue:


This constant self-loathing makes me nauseous
Every day I compensate for a hundred moments of sorrow with one moment of happiness
How many more tens of thousands of days do I have to live like this?
I want it to end with just a few seconds of pain
Living is full of nothing but unreasonable things
So I end up thinking that dying is rational
When you die, you don't have to compete with others, you don't have to struggle, you don't have responsibilities, you don’t have to worry
In the face of death, everything in life is meaningless
For those who are living reluctantly, death brings an end to everything in a positive sense
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...

Subsequently, a series of Google Chrome windows fill up the screen, repeatedly displaying the phrase タスケテ・・・ (tasukete, "Help..."). Amid this scene, Borei emerges from the text boxes, reaching her hands towards the player. The player is then redirected to Topd.html.


A screenshot of Chaos.html and links (in the form of heart, bacteria and eyes) to other pages.

The page presents four Google Chrome windows against a pulsating flesh background. These windows feature images of a beating heart, a swirling newspaper,[28] animated bacteria, and Mitsumeru-me (見つめる目, "staring eyes"), a pair of blinking eyes. These windows move randomly across the screen, except for the blinking eyes. The windows depict Eris as the user profile icon, website icon, and bookmark icon. The web addresses in each window consistently repeat the word "chaos."

Heart window

The page it redirects to features a narrow hallway with a door and interactive sections, which include two panels on each wall and two hidden items in the middle of each wall. Clicking the door without solving the puzzles in these hidden areas results in a game over, with the character Nata Onna slashing the player with her blade. The two panels on each wall display grey feet with letters B, D, and A written in blood. On the left wall, there's a torn-off map piece revealing the numbers two and three, while the right wall contains another map piece showing the numbers one and four. These map pieces are essential for determining the correct sequence of letters found in the panels. The left panel displays the letters D and A, while the right panel presents D and B. The correct sequence is "DBDA."

Inputting this code triggers a spike trap, leading to a cutscene where Nata Onna meets her demise. After this scene, players can obtain her weapon, the Nata. However, attempting to enter the next room activates the spike machine, resulting in a game over. To avoid this, players must press the red button mentioned earlier to deactivate the spike machine. This action allows them to proceed to the next room, where clicking the door redirects them to Awamsohniptosour.html.

A screenshot of the room in Awamsohniptosour.html.
A close-up view of the Clown Theater ticket.

The following page features a series of Japanese-style rooms with four doors, but only the front two doors are clickable. On the floor, there's a ticket that, when clicked, reveals a code for accessing the "clown theater" pages. It also displays images of the pages Elizabeth.html and Tokonoma.html, where players can access the clown theater pages Totptbpuiouiss.html or Oiaaeptoiympe.html respectively. The front doors become clickable after interacting with the clown theater ticket.

Clicking on these doors reveals identical versions of the room. However, clicking on them again triggers the appearance of Dai kuchisake-on'na, a pale woman, in a close-up view accompanied by a loud scream. Players can eliminate her by clicking on her with their weapon, allowing them to continue. Upon opening the second door, a row of dolls is revealed, redirecting to Ningyounoma.html.


In Ningyounoma.html, players encounter a Whack-a-Mole-style minigame featuring a row of dolls. The goal is to click on the dolls that move from their spots, with the main objective being to eliminate at least 15 Nihonningyou within 30 seconds using the player's weapon, Nata. Failing to reach the count of 15 in time results in the minigame stopping, and one of the Nihonningyou from the middle appears from the top with the message "ザンネンデシタ…" (zannen deshita, "that's too bad") before approaching the player with a laugh.

If successful, players are redirected to the next page, Gallery.html, which is a fake gallery featuring a limited number of characters. Clicking on these characters reveals a strange humanoid creature known as Meezu. Clicking on one of these creatures, particularly in the middle, reveals a code pad. Interacting with the code pad by clicking on it redirects players to the next page, Box.html. Here, players must input the code obtained from Paradisky.html. This reveals another code, 4527, which players will use for Gate.html.

Swirling newspaper

The swirling newspaper leads to Nikki.html, which features an eleven-note suicide diary authored by the website's owner. These notes are presented as clickable links, hyperlinked with dates corresponding to the events described. If the player clicks on the last diary, Mandoreiku appears with a loud scream. The old version is written from the perspective of Fancy Island's owner. Every page of the diary reads as follows:

二○十二年 一月二六日


January 26, 2012

I'm afraid of the dolls in my house...

二○十二年 一月二九日


January 29, 2012

No, it's nothing.

二○十二年 二月一日


February 1, 2012

I was born, so I have no choice but to live.

二○十二年 九月十七日





September 17, 2012

I wonder if there's anything interesting.

No, there isn't.

There is no purpose in life for people who resent society

and don't try to seek out interesting things.

二○十二年 九月十八日



September 18, 2012

Isn't it stupid to be alive?
Is it really worth living a life where you have to sacrifice and struggle so much?
Are you really leading such an enjoyable life?
Those wonderful moments in life that you think make you happy, they only last for a moment
and in the end, all of them come with risks attached, right?
No matter what happens, you end up suffering
You work hard for something
And once you get that something
you end up worried and struggling with that very thing

Other people are only looking out for themselves
They only care about their own status
Helping and being kind to others is for their own self-satisfaction
They want companionship because they are afraid of being alone
Can one truly endure living a not-so-interesting life for decades while feeling
the gazes of a multitude of people with complex and diverse thoughts and values?
The more you live, the more you accumulate stress, become exhausted, and deteriorate.

In the end, you become sick, estranged from the family you believed in the most, and eventually die.

二○十二年 九月十九日


September 19, 2012



二○十二年 九月二○日



September 20, 2012

It's fine if my life only lasts 25 years.

At around 25, I can imagine what the future is going to be like.

二○十二年 九月二十一日


September 21, 2012

Yesterday, I had a dream where my tongue was sliced with a peeler.

二○十二年 九月二十二日





September 22, 2012

Every day, I combat 90% of hardship with 10% of happiness...

If this is how I have to live for the rest of my life,

I think I would rather die.

二○十二年 九月二十四日


September 24, 2012

"Youu~ already dieed~ at your poost~"

二○十二年 十月一日





October 1, 2012

So, this is what happiness feels like.

I can't stop smiling.

I'm having so much fun.

Now I feel as if I could fly (^^)

二○十二年 十二月二十二日




December 22, 2012


It seems that indigo is unstable and doesn't handle the smell of decay well.


Come to think of it, I've heard about that from various places.


Why should I use a fan if I enjoy the smell of decomposition?

二○十三年 七月四日


June 4, 2013

I wish you all happiness.

二○十三年 七月十二日



June 12, 2013

I haven't watched Keizoku in a long time.

The opening is really great.

二○十三年 九月十日



September 10, 2013

There is not a single reason to live

but plenty of reasons to die.

二○十三年 九月二十三日








September 23, 2013

Because we are alive, we experience worries, we must face hardships, and we must suffer.

Is there such a thing as happiness in everyday life?

Even if there is, it seems like it would only be a little happiness that doesn't compare at all to the daily struggles we go through

With just a single rope and a few seconds

I won't have to feel sad for the rest of time.


The bacteria leads to a profile of Kanrinin no Yorishiro. The profile was created on April 4th, 2010, aligning with the date of the manager's suicide. The only text in the profile is the Japanese text 詳細不明 (shōsai fumei, "details unknown") and the English word "unknown" set against a background featuring wriggling white hands. Upon clicking the profile picture, users are redirected to a GIF. This GIF portrays several shaking women dressed in kimonos, known as Shinitai-onna (死ニタイ女, "woman who wants to die") appearing and disappearing at random in a static background, along with repeated text that reads 死にたい (shinitai, "I want to die"). The bacteria may have been related to the outbreak that led to the closure of Fancy Island.

Mitsumeru-me eyes
The text on Eye.html.

The blue Mitsumeru-me eyes lead players to Eye.html. This page features a line of red text in multiple languages, including romaji and French, which remains untranslatable. Decorations on the page include two copies of Betty, a character with exposed intestines, and a rapidly blinking red variant of Mitsumeru-me below the text.

Yukan no Shonen's puzzle
A fake YouTube embed interface as seen in Nyanyanyanyahn.html

Clicking on the red eye redirects users to another page, Nyanyanyanyahn.html. This page resembles a fake YouTube interface with interactive buttons but appears to have no discernible effect. An answer bar is present below the interface. This page seems to mimic the design of Yukan no Shonen's pages.

In the Japanese version of the page, the player must decipher a code by arranging hiragana characters to form the phrase あなたのうしろにいる (anata no ushiro ni iru, "I'm behind you") and then click 'answer' in the bar below the video. This reveals a door, allowing players to continue. In the English version of the page, the player must type in red numbers corresponding to the playing cards depicted on the screen.

A screenshot of Onomureiminem.html. Features thirteen rotating eyes, a wall of barnacles, and center of the door.

Both Nyanyanyanyahn.html and the English version of the puzzle direct the player to Onomureiminem.html. However, completing the hiragana character puzzle causes Dorodoro, a woman with half of her face exposed and a bulging eye, to appear. However, this doesn't result in the player's death but rather provides access to another clickable door, allowing for progression to Onomureiminem.html

Onomureiminem.html presents players with a background that may induce trypophobia, featuring what appears to be rolling eyes. Clicking on the door triggers the appearance of Futeki na Emi no Onna, accompanied by a loud scream. Unless players had clicked on or 'popped' all eyes, revealing another hidden door behind it, redirecting them to Mituqituqne.html.


Mituqituqne.html introduces players to the wobbling green heads of a creature called Puchipuchi. In this stage, players must click on these heads to 'pop' them. Upon doing so, the heads emit a deep cry for 'help' and reappear in their positions. Successfully popping all the heads before they reappear leads to a door redirecting players to Priclu.html.


Priclu.html features two prominently featured long-haired women known as Oshirois. Between these women, a small door is visible. Clicking on this door for the first time causes a head to fall, and clicking on it a second time leads to another page, Tobiras.html. This page features a background with rapidly changing, vivid images of various places and objects, centered around a door that redirects to a branching page, Tokonoma.html. Interestingly, clicking the door may lead to different outcomes, including a Purapura alert screen, an appearance of Konkon-san, or the final part of the Nikki.html diary. In this last scenario, a distorted face known as Mandoreiku abruptly appears, accompanied by a loud scream.

The room as seen in Tokonoma.html.

Tokonoma.html is a page resembling a Japanese tokonoma room. It has unique interactions based on lighting conditions:

  • With the lights on:
  • Decorative shelves and drawers are present but non-interactive.
  • Activate the light switch to change the page's appearance to a grainy, white background, and Kageboshi makes an entrance. To avoid Kageboshi's attack, rapidly click the now-blackened switch within two seconds. If the player fails, they will be redirected to Topd.html.
  • With the lights off:
  • The player will find a scroll painting of Nihonningyou, which is clickable and leads to Totptbpuiouiss.html.
The fusuma doors can only be clicked when the lights are off, and clicking them will open the doors, guiding them to Gate.html.
  • There's an additional feature in this mode: clicking the left light switch reveals a disembodied head (named Kubi kushi) swinging and eerie laughter, which can be stopped by clicking the switch again.
A screenshot of the gate in Gate.html.

Gate.html consists of two grey doors with blinking eyes and a code pad. Players who have obtained the code from a fake gallery, Gallery.html (which is 4527), can unlock the door, revealing a clickable area leading to Shingallery.html. The next page displays a wall of flesh with crawling centipedes. Hovering the cursor over the door causes the flesh wall to move down. After two hovers, a TV appears, redirecting users to Ngayngujwai.html upon clicking. Here, Borei appears in a video, providing another note for the viewer, hinting not to shoot 'Akai Sukato no Onnanoko,' which appears relevant during Kaiden.html.

Hovering over the door a third time prompts a screamer from Abyss, who appears silently. The door redirects to a piece of paper containing the color code for Puzzledoor.html. Players can click on the paper to zoom in, but clicking on it a second time prompts Abyss to appear along with a loud laugh, redirecting them back to the main page.

After popping all the red Puchipuchi, the player is confronted by Mother Puchipuchi in the form of Jan Ken Pon fight.

In Totptbpuiouiss.html, players encounter a page resembling Oiaaeptoiympe.html. The key difference is that the door redirects to Pieyama.html instead, although the same code can be used on both entrances. This clown page redirects to a different page, another PuchiPuchi challenge where players must click on the red PuchiPuchi's quickly before they start appearing. Completing this challenge leads to another page, Tn89alpnos6iop.html.

In Tn89alpnos6iop.html, players confront a Jan Ken Pon fight with Mother Puchipuchi. During each turn, the player sustains a low amount of damage from the 'poison' present on the page. If the player and Mother Puchipuchi tie in the fight, Aikokun appears and inflicts 20 damage to both parties. Winning the battle reveals a door. Clicking it leads to a pitch-black room with a screamer from Yukie, followed by a note displaying half of the eye code used in Hokora1.html.


A screenshot of the maze in Heven.html.

In Heven.html, players encounter a challenging maze with very narrow spaces (similar to that of Steady Hand and Jeremy Winterrowd's The Maze). A single misstep, where the cursor touches the black maze walls, changes the background into red, forcing the player to start again. Furthermore, even if the maze is successfully navigated, it culminates in a silent screamer by Namakubi no Onna.


Eden.html leads the player into a room with two doors and a note between them.
A close-up view of the note, suggesting that two doors leads to the same page.

In Eden.html, players are presented with a pitch-black room containing two weathered doors and a note. Interacting with the note reveals that both doors lead to the same progression, regardless of the player's choice. The right door redirects to Edeuenatseurre.html, while selecting the left door directs players to Ederkauizraatbsouu.html.

In Edeuenatseurre.html, players encounter a door surrounded by eight chests. Choosing one of the eight chests prompts a distorted ghostly woman named Psychedelic to approach the player. Selecting the incorrect chests three times in a row results in a game over. However, finding the correct chest rewards the player with the Treasure Key, allowing access through a door to Paradisky.html.

Ederkauizraatbsouu.html presents players with a grey-colored maze (similar to that of Steady Hand and The Maze by Jeremy Winterrowd), where they must guide their dot along a narrow path, requiring precise movement. At the end of the maze, a door is visible. Failure to reach the door results in a screamer from Elusive. Attempting to cheat by clicking the door before the maze fully loads leads to a screamer by Eris. Successfully reaching the door, however, allows players to progress to Paradisky.html, which is also accessible through the other door mentioned.

In Paradisky.html, players are presented with a choice between two clickable doors. The right door reveals a skinned corpse named Doemon in what appears to be a large closet. After a few seconds, Ima Socchi appears from above with a loud laugh, redirecting players to the main page. If the player chooses the left door, they will find a piece of code inside, displaying the text "2648" written in blood. This code is necessary for another page, Box.html.



Art of Mimi on index.html.
Main Article: Mimi

Mimi is the primary mascot of Fancy Island. She has purple hair and green eyes and wears a white dress, white thigh-high socks, and white gloves that resemble paws. She also wears a red collar with a bell on it and has white cat ears and a tail. Mimi serves as a decorative element that directs users to other pages. Mimi's profile can be found in Index.html and Englishtop.html, revealing her hobby of collecting cute items, her age of 10016, and her role as the official mascot. She can be encountered across various pages, often within "How to Play" sections.

Yukan no Shonen

Main Article: Yukan no Shonen

Yukan no Shonen is a character featured in various YouTube videos on Lomando.com. He takes on the form of a young Japanese boy in a dark navy blue jinbei with oozing eyes.

In Iamonnenuohs.html, he instructs viewers to type specific hiragana characters while dancing and provides a response for correct input. Similarly, in Ieamonnnegnuohs12.html, players decode hidden codes within a fast-paced card game, and entering the correct sequence allows them to progress in the challenge. Previously, he was featured in the old version of Twinklegallery.html, where he offered access to an extra page upon locating a phone and following specific steps. In Deep Fancy Island, he appears in a pixel art form in Deepdotsboy.html, providing the player with codes and redirections to other areas.



An image of the fake advertisement only used in Topd.html.

Topd.html serves as a post-mortem destination for players in the game. In contrast to the original main page, it lacks the most interactable buttons and prominently features a static fake advertisement that remains still across refreshes. Any attempts at interaction beyond the advertisement prompt screamer sequences, including sudden appearances of Eris, Yamiuchi Ji crashing the screen, or Konnichiwa falling from the screen's top. These events immediately redirect players to Main.html.

Interestingly, players have the option to click on the fake advertisement. Clicking it results in the image shaking and punching sound effects. Repeated clicks progressively destroy the advertisement until it completely disappears. Behind the now-vanished advertisement, players encounter a pair of eyes referred to as Adogosu peeking through the space, accompanied by unsettling laughter before being redirected to Main.html.

Bonus pages

Al3iboujt28one.html was a bonus page accessible via the old version of Twinklegallery.html. Within this page, players find themselves in a blue room designed with a visible door named LIBRARY, a puzzle, and a lever. To advance in the game, players must decipher the puzzle using the code "4181" and then pull the lever, granting them passage through the mysterious door. Beyond this door lies a corridor from Shoko.html, with books on the left being clickable. Clicking these books leads to a variety of external links, including the manager's Pixiv and YouTube account, "Theory.html," and the Lomando Fanlab page.

Puzzleandfancy.html was previously accessible through a link found in Aerv5ci4hhi.html. This page presented users with a stone piece that, when clicked, begins a skull slider puzzle. Successful completion of this puzzle triggered the message "CLEAR" and played an unlocking sound effect.

Thep6.html was accessible from the older versions of Theory.html. It showcased an image of a black book titled "Shinitai Riron" accompanied by an explanatory text. Over time, this page was deemed redundant as its content largely overlapped with that of Nikki.html. Interestingly, the black book originally featured content from the manager's old diaries, particularly an entry from the Shinitai Riron journal. However, this content was eventually replaced with an archive. Partial excerpts from the notes were previously shared on Twitter, with the complete note and diary reemerging on November 27, 2014, the day of the diary's removal.

Toushinfla.html was a page that featured an image of the creator positioned atop a tall building, overlooking a street with passing cars. Clicking on the sidewalk resulted in the creator jumping off and the page turns black. The page has been scrapped and is most likely not canon to the story.

Extra content page

The graffiti from Ujinoma.html.

Aerv5ci4hhi.html serves as the official extra page and concluding element of the website. This page primarily serves as a repository for content that didn't make it into the final version of the game, such as:

  • A cassette tape that reveals the complete message from the researcher.
  • Artwork related to Ujinoma.html, featuring subtle references to various in-game characters.
  • A newspaper from Chaos.html containing a news article describing the transformation of the amusement park "Fancy Island" into a haunted theme park inhabited by monstrous entities.
  • An image featuring Yukan no Shonen displaying a hiragana code, hinting at the hidden encounter with Cursed Cat.
  • A collection of images from the older version of Tt3amn4obonu.html and Maamokeznefg.html.
  • Two weapons named 父の威光 (chichi no ikō, "Father Majesty") and 突然の魔剣 feat. 目ダディ (Totsuzen no Maken feat. Me-dadi, "Unforeseen Magic Sword feat. Eyedaddy").

The page underwent significant changes over time. The original version could be accessed via the number panel in the old version of Twinklegallery.html. Before December 15, 2020, clicking on the section with Flash allowed access to several scrapped pages on the website, although these were eventually marked as crossed out and subsequently deleted.

Nekomata encounter

Nekomata's boss fight.

The Nekomata (Cursed Cat) encounter in the game is hinted at on Aerv5ci4hhi.html, which features an image of Yukan no Shonen with hiragana characters (or a number code in English) that the player can enter on the Red Number page. Accessing this page unlocks a concealed door leading to a secret encounter with Nekomata. Upon clicking the door, the player is redirected to nsiduehfioqdpso.html, where they find themselves in a white room with two giant locks and a door. Clicking on the door triggers a cutscene where the player is met with Nekomata after a few seconds, which then seamlessly transitions into a Jan Ken Pon fight.

Once the player successfully defeats Nekomata, Eris emerges from him, revealing that Nekomata is the possessed form of Nekoshow. After Nekoshow is freed, he provides the player with the key to the previously locked door as a token of gratitude. Clicking on this door redirects the player to the page Wmnoeohkvsioetac.html, which features videos showcasing Nekoshow and other Lomando characters.

The Missing Manager's Fanlab

The Missing Manager's Fanlab's official logo.

The Missing Manager's Fanlab (失踪管理人のふぁんらば, Shissou Kanrinin no Fanrabo), commonly referred to as Fanlab, served as a companion website that was operational from 2013 until its final update in December 2017. Initially established as a blog platform, it underwent expansion to encompass additional content, some of which eventually integrated into Lomando.com following an HTML5 update.

Fanlab consisted of four web sections. The Homepage provided users with game updates and references to magazines, while Kouryaku.html contained outdated game walkthroughs. Lsticker.html showcased various LINE sticker sets, and Link.html featured external links and links to the manager's Twitter page. These sections ceased updates around September 2015 to December 2017, marking Fanlab's inactive status.


New Year's events

During New Year's festivities, Mimi runs an omikuji booth, where she offers to read the player's New Year's fortune in exchange for a donation. After selecting the donation box, Mimi shakes a cup, revealing two possible outcomes: one indicating good fortune and the other signifying bad luck. The fortune results, as well as Mimi's response to the result, include:

  • Good fortunes
    • 大吉 (dai-kichi, "great blessing"): 年はかなり絶好調かも! ("This year will be a great year!")
    • 吉 (kichi, "blessing"): 特に悪いことは起きなそう♪ ("It seems that nothing particularly bad will happen♪")
    • 中吉 (chū-kichi, "middle blessing"): 今年はなかなかいい感じかも♪ ("This year might be pretty good")
    • 小吉 (shō-kichi, "small blessing"): 今年はそこそこいい感じかも♪ ("This year might be somewhat good♪")
    • 末吉 (sue-kichi, "future blessing"): 何事も前向きに考えれば大丈夫♪ ("Everything will be okay if you think positively♪")
  • Bad fortunes
    • 凶 (kyō, "misfortune"): 何かを始める時は慎重にやった方がいいかも… ("When starting something, it might be best to proceed carefully...")
    • 大凶 (dai-kyō, "great misfortune"): The player is met with a series of screamers and then redirected to Main.html.

Oshowgatsu2015.html and Oshowgatsu2016.html are older versions of the event. In Oshowgatsu2015.html, players encounter Mimi running a omikuji booth. The player can donate in exchange for a fortune, and receiving the 大凶 fortune redirects the player to Fire.html, Ice.html, Dia.html, Brain.html, and Jugem.html, a string of screamers. Below the booth is golden ふぁんしーあいらんど text on a red and white checkered background.

Oshowgatsu2016.html closely resembles the current version of the event. Kimono Mimi is depicted running an omikuji booth. Similar to Oshowgatsu2015.html, receiving the 大凶 fortune redirects the player to the Fire.html screamer and its subsequent redirects. The page's background features a red and white checkered pattern adorned with three kadomatsu. Below Mimi's booth, golden ふぁんしーあいらんど text links to Main.html.

Christmas events

During Christmas 2014, Lomando.com introduced Merryxmas.html, a webpage featuring Santa Claus in a snowy setting, offering the player a gift. When the player clicked on this gift, the page turned shadowy and monochrome and triggered a screamer remix of "Jingle Bells." Following this, the text "Merry Christmas" appeared, after which the page went black and redirected the player to Main.html.

Xmaschallenge.html is the current version of the page. In this version, Santa is seated at a table with three presents, each potentially containing one of five prizes: a soccer ball, a doll, a game console, a teddy bear, or a scooter. Occasionally, when selecting a gift, the page will turn shadowy and monochrome, and the same Jingle Bells segment found in Merryxmas.html will play.

Old versions


A screenshot of 2arcfancymain.html, featuring Mitsumeru Onna in a red background with repeated Japanese text that reads ごめんなさい (gomennasai, "I'm sorry").

2arcfancymain.html was a component of the now-removed "Fancy Island Classic" series, representing an early version of Main.html. Upon entering 2arcfancymain.html, players encountered Mitsumeru Onna on a red background. Four black squares were displayed:

  • First Square: The player is redirected to 3arcsemaru.html, which features an animation and a jumpscare.
  • Upon entering 3arcsemaru.html, the player is greeted with a Flash animation featuring Mitsumeru Onna. The animation consists of her approaching the screen and subsequently displaying a close-up accompanied by a giggle. Following this, the player is automatically redirected to a page titled 1arcfancytop.html, an older version of the top page. If the player clicked on the image of Generation 1 Mimi or the promotional banner, they would be redirected to 2arcfancymain.html.
  • Second Square: The player is redirected to 4arconinoma.html, where they encounter a question posed by the character Oni no me. The player must answer the question うしろのしょうめんだあれ? (ushiro no shōmen daare?, "What's that behind you?") with the correct answer, あかいにんぎょう (akai ningyō, "red doll"), which was found in 7arcfusmanoma.html. Answering the question correctly unlocked a door that redirected the player to 8arcningyonoma.html.
  • On the following page, the player engaged in a gameplay sequence requiring them to slice all of the Nihonningyou dolls, reminiscent of Ningyounoma.html. Upon completing this task, the player is directed to the gallery page 9arcgallery.html, marking the official ending of the older version of the game.
  • Third Square: The player was directed to 5arcyajirushihidari.html, an early version of Heven.html.
  • In this version of Heven.html, Elusive did not appear, and clicking on the door triggered the appearance of a disembodied head known as Namakubi no Onna on the screen.
  • Fourth Square: This square redirected users to 6arcyajirushimigi.html, an early version of Eden.html.
  • Clicking the door led the player to 7arcfusmanoma.html. Clicking on the left door would lead the player to the answer required to answer Oni no me's question in 4arconinoma.html while clicking on the right door leads the player to a room containing Doemon. The player would then be jumpscared by Ima Socchi.


The older version of Aguodiernihs.html featured a dark red background and a fake YouTube player interface that played a 26-second video. The video begins with a purple swirl and Japanese text before transitioning to an inverted-color preview. It then starts a countdown, revealing a disturbing scene involving a train, with the character J-ker seen walking towards it for a brief second. Upon replay, the same train scene unfolded, and after a few moments, J-ker approached the screen in a startling close-up screamer. This abrupt scare redirected users to Topd.html.[29]


Tobiras.html included an older iteration, Tobira.html, sharing similarities with its current version. Both versions featured a door set against a background of rapidly changing Japanese imagery that could induce seizures. However, a few differences set them apart. The older version also showcased ever-changing illustrations depicting themes of suicide, various objects, medical tools, and faces, all of which were missing in the updated version. Additionally, symbols such as an eye, knife, bee, cross, and more adorned the left side of the older version, while the right side featured drawings like a moon, brain, mask, and other elements. Tobira.html served as a gateway to several pages, excluding Curse.html and Tokonoma.html, which were merged into the newer version.[30]


  • As of editing, this is currently the longest game-related page on this wiki, with having 74283 bytes as of the current revision.
  • This article was nominated in the featured article on Screamer Wiki in late March 2020, and later featured again on September 27, 2023.
  • Lomando.com has various merchandise on LINE and ClubT:
    • Nekoshow (ねこショー): was the first LINE sticker set to be released, which coincided with the release of a YouTube video about three days later.[31] The YouTube video showed Nekoshow promoting the set in his bedroom with faint appearances of Eris throughout the video. The stickers in this set consist of Nekoshow partaking in various actions, such as greeting, blushing, lying down, posing, waving, cheering, and dressing up.
    • Fancy Island Horror Sticker (恐怖のふぁんしーあいらんどスタンプ) is the first volume of the Fancy Island Horror Sticker set. Similar to the Nekoshow stickers, a YouTube video was released to promote the stickers.[32] The stickers in this set consist of various characters performing various actions or making faces.
    • Fancy Island Horror Sticker 2 (恐怖のふぁんしーあいらんどスタンプ2) is the second volume of the Fancy Island Horror Sticker set. Unlike the other sticker sets, there was no promotional YouTube video and very little promotional material. This sticker set features more elaborate stickers, including characters performing actions in full-fledged rooms.
    • The ClubT store, Fancy Island Official Goods Shop (ふぁんしーあいらんど公式グッズショップ) sells a variety of items including shirts, tote bags, mugs, tumbler wraps, and various phone accessories. The merchandise was officially released on June 19, 2020.[33]
  • The website has its unofficial FANDOM wiki called "Lomando Wiki".[34]
  • Lomando.com was featured on YouTube user ScareTheater's video "Strange Websites - Episode 1".[35]
  • The manager uses Adobe Photoshop to create illustrations for the website.



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NOTE: The following website contains multiple screamers!

  • Lomando.com
  • Showcase video: youtube.com/watch?v=9VjMTDM7OGA
  • Mobile version: lomando.com/smpengtop.html
  • First version, accessible through Wayback Machine and now powered with Ruffle: web.archive.org/web/20110207102511/lomando.com

External Links

  • Article entry on Know Your Meme: knowyourmeme.com/memes/sites/lomandocom
  • Official X: twitter.com/fancy_islandrss
  • Fancy Island official stickers: store.line.me/stickershop/product/1166446/en



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