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Akai Heya Complete Version (Japanese: 赤い部屋完全版, Akai Heya Kanzen Ban) is a screamer Flash animation created by Gato☆Mi. The game is based on the famous Japanese urban legend Akai Heya.

The urban legend was so famous that was even the reason why people in Japan became paranoid to surf the Internet in the time where the Akai Heya rumor became famous since there was no pop-up block system at that time, which means it will lead to the Akai Heya pop up anytime.



The pop-up displaying the "あなたは | 好きですか?" text in a red background appears even after closing it.

The legend of the "Red Room" (in the animated version) starts with two friends discussing a rumor about an Internet pop-up ad that appears to ask, "Do you like —?" (あなたは—好きですか?,Anata wa—suki desu ka?) and is believed to cause death upon closure. While one friend is skeptical, the other investigates the matter and finds no information online. However, as he browses his usual websites, the pop-up appears, and a childlike voice repeatedly asks "Do you like —?". Despite his attempts to close it, the pop-up keeps reappearing, and the voice becomes distorted until the question changes to "Do you like red?". As the boy continues to close the pop-up, the voice eventually asks the completed question in a normal child's voice: "Do you like the red room?" (あなたは赤い部屋が好きですか?,Anata wa akai heya ga suki desu ka?). Following this, a website with a list of names appears, and the protagonist becomes aware of something behind him. The next day, there is school gossip about two students who committed suicide by painting their rooms red with their own blood. The protagonist's computer screen is then displayed with their name at the bottom of the list, before shutting off with an eerie sound. If the user's browser has not disabled pop-ups, a pop-up resembling the ad from the story will appear after the video ends.


The complete version of Akai Heya by Gato☆M resembles the scene where the pop-up appears. Upon accessing the website, viewers are met with a warning advising that the content is not recommended for those with heart problems or who are easily frightened. Two options are presented: "View" (みる, miru) and "Stop" (やめる, yameru). Selecting "Stop" leads the viewer directly to the main site, while choosing "View" redirects them to a black page that, after a few seconds, presents a pop-up displaying a red image and the question "Do you like it?" (あなたは | 好きですか?, Anata wa -- suki desu ka?). As the viewer attempts to close the pop-up, it reopens, repeating the same question in a distorted female voice. The more the viewer tries to close the pop-up, the more it appears that a sentence is being formed.

Eventually, on the final pop-up, the sentence is completed: "Do you like the red room?" (あなたは赤い部屋が好きですか? Anata wa akai heya ga suki desu ka?). The female voice repeats the sentence without distortion before the pop-up finally closes. The viewer is then directed to a red page displaying a list of names of those who, according to the urban legend, were victims of the pop-up and died shortly after viewing the list. After a few minutes, the viewer is redirected to a page featuring an image of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist, accompanied by a loud scream. Some versions of the website may instead link to the What's Wrong? screamer, which includes 30 seconds of blank room before the scream.


NOTE: The following flash contains a screamer!

  • isobel.fc2web.com/link/flash.html — The flash is on the second link.



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