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This article contains spoilers!

Akai Heya Complete Version (赤い部屋完全版, Akai Heya Kanzen Han) is a screamer flash animation made by Gato☆Mi. The game is based on the most famous Japanese urban legend, Akai Heya.

The urban legend was so famous that was even the reason why people in Japan became paranoic to surf the Internet in the time where the Akai Heya rumor became famous since there was no pop-up block system at that time, which means it will lead to the Akai Heya pop up anytime.


When accessing the site, it will first warn the viewer that since it is scary, it is not recommended for people with heart problems or people who are bad at scary things. Below, there will be two options, the first one is View (みる, miru) and the other is Stop (やめる, yameru). If the viewer clicks on the stop button will go directly to the main site, but when the viewer clicks on the see button instead, It will be redirected to a black page that in a few seconds will open a pop-up of a red image written "Do you like it?" (あなたは | 好きですか?, Anata wa -- suki desu ka?) while a distorted female voice repeats what is written.

As soon as the viewer tries to close the pop-up it will open again saying the same thing, and the more a user tries to close the pop-up, it seems like a sentence is being formed. Then, in the last pop-up, the sentence will finally be finished and will read: "Do you like red rooms?" (あなたは赤い部屋が好きですか? Anata wa akai heya ga suki desu ka?) and the female voice will repeat the entire sentence without distorting the voice.

After that, the pop-up closes and it will be directed to a red page with a list of names who, according to the Akai Heya urban legend/rumor, were the victims of this pop-up and died soon after seeing that list. Minutes later, it will be redirected to a page with a picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist along with a loud scream. Some versions will instead link to the What's Wrong? screamer, complete with the 30 seconds of blank room before the scream


NOTE: The following flash contains a screamer!

  • isobel.fc2web.com/link/flash.html — The flash is on the second link.



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