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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.

The Castle Cat series is a playable Flash games hosted for a website "" in 2004 by a man Felix Wiesner (or just Weisi for short), He is known for making tasteless, weird, and bizarre games, sometimes even pornographic flash games. The series consist of 4 games, they have different set of themes, different gameplays and enemies, the player was tasked to reach at the end and defeat the boss while not losing any lives.

This series can be easily found on various websites, Castle Cat 4, However, is infamous for having a quite gruesome game over screen that may count as a screamer, there is a fifth game to supplement the series, but only to get abandoned since there has been no progress for a couple of years.

Game Over screens

  • Castle Cat 1 & 2 - When the player dies in the first will show Castle Cat with bandages on his head mumbling in disappointment (in Daffy Duck's voice). In Castle Cat 2, the game over screen is identical to the title screen.
  • Castle Cat 3 - If the player dies, the game over screen will display a picture of a black bag (maybe actually a cat inside) along with a uppercase text that states: "DEAD CAT", in addition, the origin of this image remains Unknown.
  • Castle Cat 4 - This one is far more disturbing than the previous game, the game over screen displays a black and white picture of a dirty, rotten, road-killed cat along with a yellow, bold text stating: "YOU ARE DEAD !!! PLAY AGAIN"


NOTE: The following game contains graphic content!




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