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Not to be confused with Quiz Night with the Scratch Cat!

Scratch Cat Quiz! is a screamer game made by thatdude871 on March 17, 2019. the Scratch game disguises Itself as a simple quiz game, it has similarities to Quiz Night with the Scratch Cat!.

The game begins with scratch cat inquiring as to when scratch 3.0 was developed. If the player answers correctly (2019), it will proceed to the next question, which is when the notorious RMS Titanic sank incident happen. The answer is obvious, and it is 1912, Then he will ask the player when this project was finished. Whatever the player answers, an image of the title character from the arcade game Sinistar appears along with a loud voice saying the line: "I'LL TEAR YOU APART!" from Sexy Ice Cream Message!.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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