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2020.cx is a screamer project created by a user XaXa on December 9, 2020, under the alias of "fredbearispixelguy", it is based on Kekma.net without any disturbing content provided, Additionally, the domain name is a direct references to Goatse and the fact that it was made in December since .cx is the top-level domain for Christmas Island.

The project displays a warning button with a label stating that contains content that may startle viewers from clicking and triggers epileptic seizures, However, clicking the button leads to one of two possible screens:

  • A subtle image depicting the popular Succ image with the words "SCRAM" scribbled across the top or a rapidly flashing image of a 3D model of Shrek which will become distorted every time the audio file paired with it plays.
  • A strange, distorted moaning sound is audible (which is actually the Scratch "Cheer" sound effect slowed down) alongside the first image, after 5 seconds, it leads to another screen, but plays the soundtrack of Kekma.net, as well as overlapping at different speeds. (it is advised to turn your volume down before viewing the project.)

A sequel was also made shortly afterwards, but was deleted. It reportedly contained pro-vaccination messages and was titled "2021.cx".

Link[edit | edit source]

WARNING: The following animation contains a screamer with flashing lights!

  • scratch.mit.edu/projects/461444454/

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Comments[edit | edit source]

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