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Eggs is a screamer animation. It was developed by Scratch user EdwardBloxy)

The screamer, at first, appears to just be some random Scratch project with an image of eggs and a song; a zoom-in effect into the eggs starts to happen. Once this stops, the song's pitch goes haywire for 3 seconds, after which a figure of a zombie appears with a color-changing background: the screamer uses the same scream from Fishing Collection!!, but high-pitched.

The screamer then returns to the photo of the eggs, but the difference is it includes with the text, "Did i scare you? If so, then I got you! LOL!"

Link[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer!

  • Censored Version:

Comments[edit | edit source]


21 months ago
Score 0++
just eggs


21 months ago
Score -1++
Eggs Eggs! E double G S Eggs!


10 months ago
Score 1++
Bro its Loskythecopydog77 as a zombie not a figure of a zombie edit this page
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