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Jeux screamer is a screamer project created with Scratch, by a user samyhadji (Samy Hadji) on May 22, 2017

The player moves the dot with the arrow keys, and the task is to navigate along a given path without touching the walls and reach all three if possible; each of them becomes more difficult as the player succeeds in completing them.

However, the final level becomes more complex, and completing it may result in a picture of Regan MacNeil along with the same scream from the 1988 film Slugs.

Alternative version

There is an alternative version of this game called "Crazy Maze Game" where completing the level 3 replacing the screamer with a text stating: "Congratulations! YOU WON THE GAME!", accompanied by a song called "Do Do Do Do, De Da Da" by The Police, this version is unofficial.

Showcase Video


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

    • SB3 File:
  • Alternative version:
    • SB3 File:



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