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Petite Souricière (French for "Little Mousetrap") is a French scratch game made by Gamerscratch2 on December 6, 2016. The game itself is similar to The Maze with a couple of differences such as using the arrow keys to move rather than the mouse as with most clones of Jeremy Winterrowd's iconic game.

After clicking on the green flag button, the player is presented with an image of a ventriloquist puppet holding up his sharp, wooden index finger up to his mouth (in the shush gesture) from the movie Dead Silence. At the same time, a stock horror music tune is audibly heard playing in the background (with the beginning portion sounding similar to The Exorcist Theme). On the top right corner are two buttons: One button says "JOUER" ("Play" in French) and the other says "INSTRUCTIONS." Once the player hits the play button, the game immediately begins.


Unlike most copy-cats of The Maze, the player controls a tiny brown mouse with the arrow keys (strangely enough, pressing WASD does not move the mouse at all). The layout of the level is relatively small with the borders being mustard-yellow walls on top of a stock image of a vampire's mouth with blood dripping from its tongue. Meanwhile, there is a stock song playing that sounds like your typical labyrinth music.

As expected, the goal is to reach the end of the labyrinth without touching the walls (the goal is colored red and is detached from the yellow walls). Failure to do so will cause a flashing picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist to pop up accompanied with the same screaming sound from The Maze.

Even if the player tries to reach the end without contacting the borders of the maze, the game will teleport the player back to the start by the time they reach the point in the map where they are in the vampire's mouth. This happens so that the player unsuspectingly hits the wall at the beginning so that they can get jumpscared either way.

There's also a remixed version by Dark Emperor Kuromi (now known as ArtemisCrystal, known in this wiki as Mega Osodashi) as a part of the SkyMAX Wrecked! series. In this remix, the mouse is replaced with an unspecified character, the menu and game backgrounds are replaced with characters from the video game Cosmo Gang, and the screamer is replaced with a flashing picture of the character from the video game Risky Challenge / Gussun Oyoyo, Gussun / Vic, who poses similar to that of the painting The Scream by Edvard Munch, zooming in and out with a girl scream. The maze is now purple, and instead of triggering the screamer right away after touching the maze, the game teleports back to the start. The screamer is now triggered when the player reaches the goal, and there is no way to complete a goal. A SkyMAX Wrecked! outro with Shadow Man is also used at the end. This version is titled "Escape From the Maze!".


WARNING: The following game contains a screamer with flashing lights!

  • SkyMAX Wrecked! version:



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