Super amazing and not scary maze game

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Super amazing and not scary maze game is a scratch project made by khai2892010 on September 02, 2023.

The project starts with a fake scratch loading screen. After a few seconds, it then shows a fake error screen. After clicking reload, an image of a green tinted smiling man is shown as an eerie sound is played. It then cuts back to the original loading screen and eventually brings you to the main menu. If you click the play button, it moves around the screen. This happens once more, until eventually it actually starts the game.

The actual game is practically a one on one recreation of the Scary Maze Game. Though, the screamer in level 3 only appears if you actually hit the corners. Meaning it is actually possible to complete this version. The screamer in question is the exact same one as before.

Showcase Video


NOTE: The following project contains a screamer!

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