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R.I.P. Caroll Spinney, now named Big Bird Jumpscare is a screamer project uploaded on Scratch on December 9, 2019, by a user named KindAdaptableKayak. It was created in memory of the late Caroll Spinney, who is well-known for his roles on Sesame Street, most notably Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

The project starts with a black silhouette of the character Big Bird slowly rising from the bottom, set to a suspenseful part from "Attack on the House", a piece from the soundtrack for the film Home Alone composed by John Williams. When he stops in the middle as the music stops. After 3 seconds, which is soon followed by an extreme close-up of a knock-off Big Bird mascot's face, accompanied by a loud scream (from the same movie, done by the character Marv, portrayed by Daniel Stern), followed by a text states with the same title as mentioned.

In 2021, a safe version was posted, but the screamer was replaced with the original Big Bird, along with the sound being replaced with a vine boom, used in a lot of memes. It turned out the creator was NMTVE, which used the scratch name "100daysonly".

Showcase Video


NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer!

  • scratch.mit.edu/projects/351880082
    Permalink: web.archive.org/web/20240128085050/files.catbox.moe/lck6og.sb3
  • Safe Version: scratch.mit.edu/projects/500959760



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