Masked Osodashi's Basics in Activity

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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Masked Osodashi's Basics in Activity is a screamer game by Dark Emperor Kuromi (also known as Mega Osodashi in this wiki). It is the part of the "SkyMAX Wrecked" project series.

This screamer pretends to be an interactive game with a fictional character. In case, Masked Osodashi from the 1991 children's anime series, Jankenman.

On the title screen, players can press "I" to access instructions. If they pressed "A" on the instructions screen (hinted by a differently colored "A" in "Family"), it will load a screamer warning.

The game has Masked Osodashi greeting the user, and says that he's reformed after he rescued Jankenman from the Dark Joker from the anime Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. Then he asks the player's name. After, he shows three activities that the player can play with, which can be performed when players pressed the respecting numbers shown on the list. Pressing "1" makes Osodashi saying nonsensical words like "spinach" or "frogs". Pressing "2" makes him reveal that he acts like an animal when under the effects of Black Vaccine and when he's cured he's prone to stomach problems. Pressing "3" will make Osodashi saying to the player that they stare the spiral for one minute. Then the spiral will be shown swirling. At 5 seconds, Purapura from pops up with the demonic woman scream sound effect.

At the screamer scene, the text saying "You are being wrecked!" appears at the bottom. After the screamer, Shadow Man from Mega Man 3 jumps down to the bottom, saying "Look out for more Wrecked! projects!". Then the SkyMAX logo slides from the right, destroying Shadow Man.


NOTE: The following project contains a screamer!

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