Bully battle! (WARNING SCREAMER)

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Bully battle! (WARNING SCREAMER) is a Scratch project made by Ducklings4eva on June 16th, 2014. As the title implies, the animation is a bully battle, which contains a screamer at the end. The Instructions on the project’s page read “A surprising little winner.”

The animation stars a small duckling named Paddles and a red rabbit with a flower on their head named Sweetie. The 2 start off at the front of a classroom, standing in front of a chalkboard with red curtains on the sides of it. This can also be found in Scratch’s backdrop library. The creator uses Scratch’s speech bubble blocks and audio clips of their voice to make them talk in the beginning.

Paddles says he wanted some grain too, but Sweetie takes it all for themselves. Paddles then starts just quacking at Sweetie, before they say they can’t just quack out of the situation. Paddles says, “You asked for it!” and the setting fades to an outdoor field with multiple buildings (possibly houses) in the background, along with battle music starting to play.

From here, the bully battle begins, with RPG fighting mechanics. Paddles uses a rolling attack, and it takes away 25 of Sweetie’s health. The exact opposite happens when Sweetie uses an energy ball attack.

Paddles then uses a creepy stare attack, as it shows them facing towards the screen on a black background, while a creepy, reversed music track plays. Suddenly, their skin and pupils turn red, and the screen goes black. After a brief second, Paddles with the irises of his eyes the color of a white and red gradient, pupils that have the same gradient color and black outlines, red skin, and a cyan outline around his head and body pops up, along with a loud woman scream.

It then cuts back to the battle scene, showing Sweetie with no health left. 3 seconds later, they disappear with a pop sound, making Paddles happy as he closes his eyes, and the animation ends.


NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer!

  • scratch.mit.edu/projects/23683992/



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