Are these PFPs of mine stolen?

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Are these PFPs of mine stolen? is a screamer game created by Whyyoulookingme (also known as XxTheGreat12 on this wiki) on January 28, 2023.

The objection of the game is simple. It is some Yes and No questions regarding the Profile Pictures from Whyyoulookingme's DeviantArt account, asking if they are stolen or not. If the player got all the questions correct, they are taken to the "You Win" screen. However, if they didn't get most or any of the questions correct, the background on the "Your Score" screen becomes red, and then the player is presented with a cyan background with a text saying, "The Maze" (which is a joke reference to The Maze). After a few seconds of suspense, a close-up of an animal in the Tardigrada phylum appears zooming in and out along with the same loud scream from The Maze and the same roar from Steady Hand. The game will stay on the image indefinitely until the player restarts the game.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer.

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