Maze: You Choose Your Outcome

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Maze: You Choose Your Outcome is a screamer game based on The Maze, created and uploaded onto Scratch by a user Gavin_H7 on May 17, 2017.

Despite its name, the objective is to complete all 3 levels in total, the player was instructed to use their cursor to move the dot, the dot will not move by moving the mouse itself, it will follow the cursor's position itself along with a delay, the objective in the game is to navigate the given path without touching or hitting the walls.

The difficulty across the levels involves the walls getting thinner, when the player reaches the yellow color, leads to the next level, at the last level, there is a note determining the player to make a decision between 2 colors what to choose from, the green color will lead to a white background along with a text congratulating the player, and the yellow color leads to an image of Regan MacNeil, along with a loud scream.


NOTE: The following project contains a screamer!




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