Misplaced Cat

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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Misplaced Cat was a Scratch project made by kc_making_projects, the project is crudely coded/made in Scratch.

The project starts with a scratch cat in a white background, however, when before the next scene, a picture of a Demon child from Dead Birds pops up with a loud screech, then moving the next scene showing a splash screen from Papa's Freezeria with Freddy's Theme Tune from FNAF playing faster in the background. then after few seconds when the next scene shown, a elderly man's face from Science Fiction Season appears along with a loud scream.


NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer!

  • Deleted: scratch.mit.edu/projects/315348177
  • sb3 file, opened in source editor: mediafire.com/file/ynxa4pwng40jedb/Misplaced_Cat.sb3/file



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