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Today time is.... is a Scratch project created and uploaded onto Scratch by a user LoukaMario on May 3th, 2019

The animation starts with a poorly drawn blue and green edited version of Mario saying "Today time is. 2. . ." However, the sentence is abruptly interrupted by an image of Mimi from with red eyes along with a loud roar before showing the phrase from Monkey on Their Backs.

Link[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer!


Comments[edit | edit source]

Anonymous #1

8 months ago
Score 2++
ok this is laziest game I've ever played, it just took 3 seconds to play the game, and it already cut out on the scare image, this is just a pointless scratch user advertising his terrible project, by making an article of it.

Anonymous #1

8 months ago
Score 0++
im saying the game is pointless not in the rude way,and the article is created in laziness yikes.
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