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Certast is a series of games that originated on the platform Scratch.


In each game, players are introduced to a crudely drawn, yellow, bodyless character with bunny-like ears known as Certast. The first and original variation, titled "Untitled.exe" was created by a user named Certast on June 10, 2017, on the Scratch website. The gameplay primarily involves the player being questioned by Certast as if they are in direct conversation with the creator. Players can respond to his queries via an input box below the screen, and specific inputs can trigger various events. Additionally, there are other interactive elements that, when engaged, can also cause events to trigger. Despite the game not gaining recognition from the screamer community or scratch itself, fan-made variations, known as "remixes", in Scratch, have been created by users to personalize the experience.


The original game Untitled.exe showcases a yellow character named Certast positioned on a serene hill within a simplistic environment. Despite Certast being interactive, players are explicitly cautioned against clicking on it. Initiating the game prompts a greeting from Certast, shortly followed by a warning message transitioning to "He came," a nod to the creepypasta Zalgo. Subsequently, the atmosphere takes a sinister change, transforming the world into a dark iteration, and Certass disappears off-screen. The screen remains black for a while, until Certast's face abruptly jumpscares the player. To proceed, players can click the "Quit" button situated in the top right corner. Upon doing so, the game resumes, with Certast inquiring, "What's happening?" A text box allows players to respond to Certast, who can only react to specific prompts. Choosing "Nothing" results in Certast expressing, "ohh..., Have a nice day." Typing "you are evil" leads to Certast appearing saddened and questioning, "What do you mean?" Opting for "You are so cute, that's the thing I mean," elicits Certast's response of "ok?" followed by "Have a nice day." The game ends at this point.



The first Certast. game

Certast. is one of known fan-made variations revolving around Certast, created by METALpunch3912 (previously known as 3921-Roblox) and released on March 15th, 2019. In gameplay, players engage with a much less detailed version of Certast. Opting to play with them triggers a sudden blackout, accompanied by an unsettling scream. Afterwards, Certast turns evil and introduces players to a game titled "The Questions of Death", where the objective is to answer a series of questions. But upon answering the final question, a zombie face covered in blood would appear, along with the same scream from The Maze. This screamer can also be triggered by inputting "Certast" as the player's name at the beginning, in which Certast's face will turn red, and the same image would suddenly pop up with the same scream.

Certast II

The sequel of Certast.

On October 14th, 2019, Certast (Remastered) (also known as Certast II) was created as another remake of the original Scratch game by METALpunch3912. This version introduces players to Certast, who proposes playing together after a brief welcome. Declining prompts Certast to inquire about the reason, while agreeing leads to Certast saying, "Ok then, let's play." But regardless of the player's answer, an eerie event would trigger with a darkened screen and reversed wailing sounds. The scenery changes, presenting Certast with a twisted smile and hollow eye sockets, uttering "Hello" and "wanna play????," creating an unsettling atmosphere. If the player responds affirmatively, Certast approves with "Good Choice," but negative responses or "invalid answers" are met with a dismissive "Do you think I care about your answer?" Certast labels the game as "QUIZ of Satan", and the gameplay mirrors that of the original. In the final question, "Do you think I will let you win?", regardless of the player's input, the screen goes black, and eerie sounds reminiscent of the first Luna Game emerge. The game concludes with a message stating "To be continued..."

These two games are currently lost as the creator either deactivated their account or Scratch removed the games from the platform.


NOTE: The following scratch game contains a screamer!

  • Untitled.exe: scratch.mit.edu/projects/164826874
  • Permalink: web.archive.org/web/20230416224128/files.catbox.moe/bepkth.sb3
  • Certast.: scratch.mit.edu/projects/292847193/
  • Certast II: scratch.mit.edu/projects/335859900/
  • Permalink: web.archive.org/web/20240127214652/files.catbox.moe/wgxwf8.sb3



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