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8MediaszSetupDownload is a screamer application created with Neocities by Windowszin around June 2023.

The video features an HTML page, specifically within the downloadable HTML file, where a "login page" is displayed, prompting users to enter their username and password. In the event that null values such as empty strings or the word "null" are inputted, the application triggers an image of a woman smiling in a dimly lit environment along with a sudden and startling audio scream, or a ghostly image from one of K-fee commercials. Throughout the application, the user is repeatedly prompted with questions regarding their intention to execute the file. However, regardless of the user's actions or responses to these prompts, the screamer is consistently displayed.

Warns, prompts and messages

LOGIN: Enter your username - 1st message
LOGIN: Enter your password - 2nd message

Hello, you just made a very serious mistake, your login (username + password) has been permanently banned from our servers. -3rd message

You can move on with your life in peace or suffer the consequences, DO YOU WANT THAT? -4th message

i'm watching youi'm watching youi'm watching youi'm watching youi'm watching youi'm watching youi'm watching... -1st downloaded text file


NOTE: The following links contain screamers!

  • Download page: dinogamer321.neocities.org/8MediaszSetupDownload
  • SB3 File: mediafire.com/file/a7wi6t78moshyg7/8MediaszSetupEN0.0.5.sb3/file



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