Hide and Seek with Scratch Cat

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Hide and Seek with Scratch Cat is a flash game made by Giga404 with Scratch 2 Offline Editor. Despite the title and the start screen, actually, Scratch Cat isn't present there.

On the start screen, the player has 3 buttons to choose, they can choose to start, read the credits, or view the instructions. However, there is a small red text on that instruction, warning the user that this is a screamer game.


The game starts with a green background. In the corners the player can see Giga, Pico, Gobo and Nano. Sometimes most or half of the characters are in the same corner. Relaxing xylophone music can be heard in the background. It shows that there are five characters left, even though there are actually four in the game. This makes the player think that this could be a coding error or that the fifth character is hidden or secret. When the player touches a character, someone can be heard singing "TADA". The character happens to say the following at random times:

  • You found me!
  • Good job at finding me!
  • You are good at it!
  • Excellent!
  • You must be an expert in hide and seek!
  • Your finding skills are awesome!
  • Thank you for finding me! :)
  • Now, go find someone else!

This continues until there is one character left. Then the music changes from the xylophone to a terrfying music of Drowning theme from Sonic The Hedgehog. The new text appears at the bottom of the stage. It states: "Now find Scratch Cat. You have 13.99 seconds, otherwise the player loses, After 13.99 seconds, a Viktor Strobovski's face appears and roars towards the player. The black screen appears, telling user to never play screamer games again.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • mediafire.com/file/nxpevrlcl1zatke/Hide_and_Seek.zip/file
  • No Screamer Version: mediafire.com/file/gr9t65q8ia9s2ci/Hide_and_Seek_%2528No_Screamer_Edition%2529.swf/file



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