Hide and Seek with Scratch Cat

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Hide and Seek with Scratch Cat is a flash game created by Giga404 using the Scratch 2 Offline Editor. Although the game is titled as a hide and seek game with Scratch Cat, in reality, Scratch Cat is not present in the game.


Upon starting the game, the player is presented with a start screen featuring three buttons to start the game, read the credits, or view the instructions. However, a warning message in small red text cautions the player that the game is a screamer game. Once the game starts, the player is presented with a green background with four characters, Giga, Pico, Gobo, and Nano, in the corners of the screen. The objective of the game is to find all four characters by clicking on them. When the player touches a character, they are greeted with a "TADA" sound, and the character says one of several random phrases congratulating the player on finding them.

As the player finds each character, the relaxing xylophone music in the background continues to play. However, once only one character remains, the music changes to drowning theme from Sonic The Hedgehog. The player is then instructed to find Scratch Cat within a specific amount of time, failing which the player loses the game. After the time limit ends, a screamer featuring the face of Viktor Strobovski from the titular Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski appears. The game concludes with a black screen featuring a message advising players never to play screamer games again.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • mediafire.com/file/nxpevrlcl1zatke/Hide_and_Seek.zip/file
  • No Screamer Version: mediafire.com/file/gr9t65q8ia9s2ci/Hide_and_Seek_%2528No_Screamer_Edition%2529.swf/file



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