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The Lost Footage (Remastered) Remix is a Scratch project created by zeebeethedog on April 16, 2018. It is a remastered version of two previous projects, "Lost Footage" and "Lost Footage (Remastered)," which were created by Conker_The_Squirrel and Wasdkeys123 on June 7, 2014, and October 18, 2016, respectively.

The animation starts with the appearance of Mario, whose visual design differs depending on whether the viewer is playing Super Mario World SNES or NES Bootleg titles. The presentation features a VHS overlay and a fake DVD home video logo with a blue diamond-shaped design next to white text that reads "PRESENT FILMS" on a black background. The logo randomly flashes inverted colors. Next, an emotionless Scratch Cat appears on a green surface with a light blue sky, also flashing inverted colors. A reversed composition plays through the project, and then a lion with black sclera and grey-colored pupils appears from the left side of the screen and kills the Scratch Cat. The cat's ghost then floats up towards the top of the screen from its body. The lion, with bloody teeth, then faces the camera and runs towards it. The scene then cuts to the cat's mutilated corpse above two pieces of text that flash randomly: "DIE" and "NO ONE IS SAFE." After a brief moment, an image of Ellis from Lomando.com appears along with one of the screams from that game. In the project files, there is another unused Lomando.com jumpscare sound effect, specifically the one from "konkon.html."


There are multiple remixed versions of this project, both safe and original. One such remix is by Dark Emperor Kuromi as a part of the SkyMAX Wrecked! series. In this remix, Mario is replaced by Shadow Man, Scratch Cat and the lion are replaced by Masked Osodashi and Jankenman, respectively, and a picture of Ellis is replaced with a flashing, close-up photo of a crowing rooster zooming in and out with a loud Tarzan yell (same one from the 1932 film Tarzan of the Apes) instead of the scream. A SkyMAX Wrecked! outro is also used at the end, where, instead of the text saying "You've have been wrecked", there was a red text saying "Uh-oh! You freakin' moron! You just got SABOTAGED!!! Tag your friends to totally SABOTAGE them!" (a reference to the "Green de la Bean" meme) as well as a "REPLAY HERE!" text appearing after the SkyMAX logo destroys Shadow Man. Clicking on "REPLAY HERE!" replays the footage. This version is titled "Hidden Footage". In 2022, the remix was deleted and no longer runs on Turbowarp, where it was hosted.


NOTE: The following project contains a screamer!

  • scratch.mit.edu/projects/216314918/
  • Permalink: web.archive.org/web/20240114203329/files.catbox.moe/iphdmb.sb3
  • SkyMAX Wrecked! version: turbowarp.org/575127224
  • Safe version: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/126331998



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