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I'm friendly guy!!! Pico! is a screamer project on Scratch uploaded by NOONEWASHERE on June 16, 2018, he created the screamer at age 9 and lives in Lithuania, Europe.

The game starts with an appearance of Pico with a creator's voice asking the user to never click the project's thumbnail, After a short period, Pico started to say something off-topic, next, a banging noises on the table can be heard, afterward, the creator starts to give out some personal questions that involves age and gender, upon clicking the "start" button, can lead the audio to a complete distortion abruptly.

After this, it brings a box to write their gender and age, Upon doing so continues the game, However, Upon typing 7 as their "personal" age, the creator warns the user for being too young and will not provide a screamer for any damages done, As stated, typing any number that is over 7 plays a loud, looping audio of the creator singing.


NOTE: The following project contains a screamer!

  • scratch.mit.edu/projects/229402877




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